Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Bans Two More Federal Agencies From Speaking To The Pulic

The things many of us were saying would happen if Trump were elected President are now happening.  I hope this is a wake up call.  Sadly there are those of his supporters who will probably embrace this but what they don't realize is that even they are not safe from this man. Trump clearly does not care for the health and safety of Americans  We have been saying he is a wolf in sheep's clothing and it has not taken long for the wolf to lose his disguise.  He must be stopped.  If he has done this much damage in a couple days.  Think of the harm he will do in a month. I'm glad there are people who are getting this info out so we can keep it in the public eye.

From the article

"Trump’s moves in effectively clamping down with a fascist iron fist on two agencies that are key players in the fight to keep America’s environment and food supply safe reveals something simple, and yet profound, about the new presidential administration.
President Donald Trump simply does not hold in very high esteem at all the health, safety, and overall well being of those who he has just officially assumed leadership of. That’s not a conjecture. That is, rather, a simple observation of the fact that Trump is undercutting some of the key entities responsible for safeguarding Americans’ health, safety, and overall well being."  
Also from the article 
"A report from the Huffington Post, going off of anonymous tips and an internal memo obtained by the news organization, details some of the parameters of the new restrictions that have been placed on the EPA.
  • No press releases will be going out to external audiences.
  • No social media will be going out. A Digital Strategist will be coming on board to oversee social media. Existing, individually controlled, social media accounts may become more centrally controlled.
  • No blog messages.
  • No new content can be placed on any website. Only do clean up where essential.
This information was provided to the Huffington Post by an employee of the EPA who, notably, spoke anonymously due to fear of retaliation.
Making the whole thing even worse is that it’s not just the EPA. Scientists working for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have also been effectively banned from speaking with the public."  

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