Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spanking How it Can Backfire. My experience growing up being spanked.

Posted by Zman

A discussion on a Facebook group I belong to inspired this post.  It was  on the topic of weather spanking is abuse.  Now I will say right off that I am against spanking as punishment.  The harmful effects are well documented.  It can lead to aggression, Anxiety and Depression among other problems. (I'll put some links at the end that give mroe detail of the harmful effects) .  I can vouch for the aggression as that is what I learned from it.  I'll explain.  My sisters and I were spanked as children and not all that hard either.  Just a few taps on the rear end.  We were also slapped for mouthing off.   What this taught me was that violence was a proper way to solve a problem.  Here's what I mean.  I'd get spanked for doing  something my parents did not like so that taught me that if my sisters did something I did not like the right way to solve the problem was to hit them.   That's all I learned from being spanked.  It did not teach me right from wrong.  As I got older my parents would threaten a spanking and my thought was that they really didn't have any other way to solve a problem than threatening a spanking?  These people are not very smart.  Also it caused me to lose respect for them not gain it.  To me all spanking shows is a parent who has lost control.  I know many people who raise their kids just fine without spanking them and most of them are far better behaved and show more respect to their parents than those children who are spanked.  Heck, twenty three countries  have even outlawed the practice and their kids seem to be doing just fine (some info below in the linked articles talk about this see the Spanking Fact and Fiction article) .  If you're going to use spanking that is your choice but I think it back fires on parents more than it succeeds. I think it is a punishment who's time has passed.

some links

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