Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Meme Comparing The 9/11 Attacks To College Students Being Upset Over The Election Is Judgmental And Holier Than Thou

You probably have seen the latest judgmental conservative meme gong around that says how on 9/11 schools stayed open but Adult college students need a safe  place to go because their candidate lost the election.  A couple major problems with this meme.  First:  Some schools stayed in session and many closed. I have just as many friends who had their classes cancelled across the US and Canada. This meme makes the general statement that all schools were open which is of course not true. In fact some businesses also closed early, pro sports came to a stop MLB, the NFL, and NASCAR took a break and there was even talk of not finishing the MLB season and many people sought therapy after the 9/11 attacks and many still suffer from PTSD due to just seeing it unfold on TV not to mention those who were actually there and lost loved ones. As for the other point in the meme about "adult college students needing a safe place to go because their candidate lost" That part comes off very judgmental, snotty, and a bit holier than thou. If someone thinks they need to seek help no matter what the reason. bad day at work, depression, divorce, death of a spouse or other family member and yes, even their candidate losing the election It is not our place to judge them for it. Depression and anxiety take many forms, they don't fit in to a neat little box like some would like to think they do. Anything can be a trigger so calling someone a name because they handle things differently then you do makes you sound like a fourth grader. If all someone can do is name call then you're saying more about you then the person you're calling the name. One final point. It sure seems like conservatives love to share these judgmental memes yet call themselves Christians who worship a god who orders them not to judge others.  Funny how most of the worst judgmental people I know are also those who claim to be Christians and go to church every Sunday 

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