Wednesday, December 26, 2007

237candidradio - boobs, bones, best friends, movies, condoms, mars and other stuff. call 1-206-203-FUNO

Click here to Listen in to get your very own unique photo of a Candidradio Host! With a Boner! How do you listen to this show? Click on the link 237candidradio - in bold above. In a few seconds an MP3 file will play on your computer speakers. Please check that your mute is turned off.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

236candidradio two guys just shootin the shit. call 1 206 203 FUNO

Join us here for candidradio 236. This week ZMAN is joined by his friend and co worker Mike. On this show;
lost of sports talk,
a place to watch NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, & NHL on line for free. This site will have th elast New England game where they may go undefeated,
Holidays with the family.
A new listener voice mail,
Every child needs a loud toy for Christmas,
Littleflurry makes an appearance,
Some movie talk,
Mikes weekend plans,
stories about co workers,
and more.

websites mentioned

call our comment line 1 206 203 FUNO
email candidradio @ gmail dot com

Saturday, December 08, 2007

235CandidRadio - Holiday drink recipes, what number is this, 69? call 1-206-203-FU NO 3866

Candidradio Show 235 today with LittleFlurry and Zman and a plethra of topics...

Holiday recipes, triple sex and what.....?
Numbers and Letters
Holiday shopping
Ticket fees for 1 person not the same as another?????
Love Your Fruit=XXX
XXX Shopping
And More!

Call 1-206-203-F U NO
Or Email Candidradio at Gmail.Com

Monday, December 03, 2007

234 news that makes you go hmmmmmmmm Call 1-206-203-3866 FU NO

Join us here for candidradio show 234. It's another news that makes you go hmmmmmm show. Stories that make you wonder what is wrong with people and is there any hope for humanity.

Stories mentioned.
Teddy Row Teacher Deported

Channel Surfing Leads to Stabbing

The Top 10 IT Disasters of all Time,1000000169,39290976-39001115c,00.htm

Can they do that?

Marketers do a Number on Do Not Call Registry,1,4412850.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Next They'll be telling us Water Is Wet

This slogan cost how Much? You must be kidding.
Call 1-206-203-3866 or email
Great, more reality TV. Is this what we have to look forward to with the writers Strike?

A good lesson in checking the facts before forwarding a rumor.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are over our libsyn quota, NEW show coming after the 24th!!!!

Thanks for being a Listener to We are Maxxxed out on our uploading quota. But if you would like to donate to get us more space, please use the paypal link here!

Monday, November 12, 2007

232candidradio two guys, a girl, and some other stuff

Join us here for candidradio show 232 as ZMAN & littleflurry welcome Mike back to the show. On this show,
Jenn's new electronic toy,
Too early for Christmas music,
Stupid people at Wal Mart,
A little Transformers talk,
Megan Fox is a hottie,
Original swear words,
More on Jenn's new electronic toy,
Kids say the darndest things,
Keith tries to get in trouble,
some work stories,
Some other random stuff,
and more.

call our comment line 1 206 203 3866

Monday, November 05, 2007

231candidradio slave to the grind 1 206 203 3866

Join us here for candidradio show 231. On this show
Jenn tries to drive off the road,
Keith talks a little about his job hunt and how things are going at work,
Jenn's new erotic podcast,
photo's with the family,
A song by "Base Box" called "Cold As Ice"
People can be ignorant,
Jenn's loose tooth,
Why would someone smoke when they have asthma,
and more,

call us at our new number 1 206 203 3866

Music played on the show.

Shows we talked about.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

230candidradio spooky and strange tales email

Candidradio show 230 is here just in time for Halloween. ZMAN flies solo this week, don't worry no rambling rants this time. Just some good strange stories for Halloween.

Stories mentioned on the show.

Belief in Ghosts High

N. J family finds Pumpkin growing in Tree

Man who had Sex with Bike

Bear Bites Woman on Butt

You mean people actually lived here?

The case of the Hairy intruder

Where were girls like this When I was in high school

He's not Dead, He's just unsobar.

Man has sex with 92 year old corps.

Shows mentioned.

Leave us a comment email

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

229 candidradio - a threesome, yowza, call 1-206-666-BAAD or email

Show 229 is here with Zman, Littleflurry and special guest! Listen in.
Topics on a STEEK!
Update on Pets Thrown off Bridge
New Movies on our MySpace Page
Mike's funny customer service stories from when he worked for comcast,
Mike shares some good stories from broadcast school,
bad tv show endings,
A little transforming,
and more

Call us at 1-206-666-BAAD or email

Sunday, October 14, 2007

228candidradio ticket please? call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 228. Little flurry and I are feeling much better and we're back to do another show. On this show,
Jenn's night out with the girls,
Jenn gets to see the police and we don't mean Sting either,
Drink of the week is back, at least for this week hehe,
terrible animal cruelty story,
There's an idiot born every minute the proof is the dumb lawsuit story we talk about,
We congratulate two of our friends on their marriage and talk about the house warming party,
This weeks rendition of Jenn and Keith singing badly,
Our Saturday drive,
and more.

Turkey Trot recipe
2 cups cranberry juice
2 cups 7-Up® soda
1 cup Wild Turkey® bourbon whiskey
Mix with a stirrer in a pitcher then pour over ice into glasses. A thanksgiving tradition for the truly disfunctional family.

Stories we talked about
Cop hurt in rescue call of drowning boy sues family

Pets thrown off bridge in Puerto Rico

shows we talked about
The Half Hour Power Hour


call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

228candidradio on the way this weekend

We'll be doing show 228 this weekend. Both Jennifer and I are sick this week, sinus infections for both of us I thought I'd share mine with her she really appreciated that, so we're spending a lot of time in bed and not the way I'd like to be spending it. Anyway hopefully this weekend we'll be back to normal or as close to normal as we can possibly be. Well off to take more drugs and get back to bed. It's no fun being sick.
Talk to you this weekend

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

227candidradio what the hell are we talking about call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 227. ZMAN is joined once again by guest co host Toonheaed. On this show,
The history of toonhead,
Major League Baseball and TBS are screwing the fans,
A little history of pay TV sports,
A little on the wacky weather we're having. Should it be ninety in October,
Dumb questions people ask about evolution,
We discus our differing thoughts on religion,
Jeff Dunham,
Youtube is the greatest thing ever invented,
video cameras and when they become an invasion of privacy,
What two consenting adults do is their own business,
A great Sex Ed website,
Voice mails and more,

Websites mentioned,

Jeff Dunham

contradictions in the bible

A brief history of Subscription over the air television in the U S.

A great place to relive the history of Chicago television including a look at the three subscription over the air offerings in Chicago ON TV which aired over WSNS TV 44, SPECTRUM which operated over WFBN (NOW WGBO) TV 66 and SPORTSVISION which operated first on the orignal WPWR TV 60 (NOW WPWR TV is on CHANNEL 50) and later moved to ON TV on channel 44

A great sex ed site. Sorry if you're looking for porn this is not the site for you. It gives useful information for teens and young adults to make informed decisions about sex

The next generation of books

Shows mentioned

Half Hour Power Hour,

Skepticality a great science and critical thinking podcast

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

227candidradio will be posted tonight

Hey folks. Sorry about the delay in this weeks show. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way and you don't get a chance to do a show. 227 is finally recorded with usual guest co host Toonhead and will be posted around eleven PM central U S time tonight. Again sorry for the delay and thanks for your patients.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Midwest Teen Sex Show A good sex ed podcast to check out that gives good information on sex for young adults and teens

Please vote if you like the show!

This podcast has been getting quite a bit of buzz on the internet lately. I heard about it on the erriticast show. It's called the Midwest Teen Sex Show video cast. In this day when there is so much bad sex education out there. People trying to teach abstinence only which has proven time and time again to be ineffective and some right wing groups going as far as to be against sex ed in schools. This podcast gives teens and young adults good information to make informed choices when it comes to sex. Check them out at the link below

Sunday, September 23, 2007

226candidradio Jenn went to a sex toy party and all I got was this lousey T-shirt call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 226. On this show,
Jenn talks about her experiences at a passion sex toy party she attended Friday Night and all the toys they showed off,
Also, zman talks about how a sponsor tried to take over the radio station,
A little on O J Simpson,
Jenn has a theory about O J that turns in to a discussion about a Youtube video that should never be made,
We talk about our fur babies,
Dogs at a sex toy party,
more about the sex toy party,

Shows mentioned.
The Dawn and Drew Show


Vomitus Prime

Websites mentioned.
Passion Parties adult sex toys

News Stories mentioned
A Time line of the latest O.J. Simpson case

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Sunday, September 16, 2007

225candidradio a winey show call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candid radio show 225. Something a little different this week as we delve in to he world or wine tasting and wine making.
We attended a wine tasting yesterday.
zman has no idea how to "taste" wine,
wines we liked,
how to be a proper wine connoisseur,
ZMAN demonstrates how not to taste wine,
We also do some of our usual stuff,
Talk about the dumbest boss in Florida,
ZMAN does like to get going in the morning and he can be real annoying about it.

Shows we talked about.

Websites mentioned.
Illinois River Winery

August Hill Winery

Stories we talked about.
Sacked for being a Hero

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Wine slamming connoisseur Zman Video - call 1.206.666.BAAD


Zman and Vino Festival

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Saturday, September 08, 2007

224candidradio All over the road like a bad driver call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 224. On this show,
We open a box with some stuff in it,
We talk to you on the way to see the Cubs game on Thursday September sixth,
We pray to the all mighty Karen, Jenn's co worker who said she'd cross her fingers and toes to keep the rain away. Did it work?
Then we're back home and we talk about the day and some people who were trying to be moving targets,
Was there any traffic on the way home?
Dinner Out Back,
ZMAN's taxi ride. Where is Zman and taxi cabs,

Songs played oh the show
"Crazy Bitch" by Ampsex
"Deep End" By Ari Shine
"Rocket" by Art Hodge
songs courtesy of the
Pod safe Music Network

Group Web Sites

Ampsex on myspace

Ari Shine's web page

Ari Shine on My Space

Art Hodge's web page

Art Hodge on My Space
Stories mentioned on show
Hooters Girl Kicked off Plane.

Podcasts - Nobodies Podcast

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Click here for new VIDEOS! 7 mile bike ride


More horrible videos here and here!

223candidradio will we kill each other before vacation is over? call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candid radio show 223. Littleflurry is back. Be afraid, be very afraid. On this show
We've only been on vacation two days together and we don't think we'll survive,
Want some fun sex toys, try these from Adam and Eve dot com,
zman takes a sex survey and we ask you to give your answers,
How did we get on this subject? we try and figure it out,
Hurricane Felix,
Who has the most Earthquakes,
Littleflurry wants a new co-host because ZMAN is being very annoying,
Where to see some pretty cool videos,

Websites we talked about

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, August 27, 2007

222candidradio noise with a purpose, CALL 1206666baad OR EMAIL

Join us here for candidradio show 222. ZMAN is joined by toonhead again. On this show,
zman explains that littleflurry was not able to do her photo trip like she had planned. Her sister and the kids came up but she will do a photo trip podcast soon.
zman and littleflurry are planning a tenth anniversary trip to Alaska next year,
toonheads mom says there are not enough flash cards in existence to hold all the pics littleflurry will take,
zman is the only person he knows who has never flown in a jet,
toonhead shares some of his flying experiences while traveling to see his girlfriend,
toonhead's girlfriend comes to see him and they do stuff,
we talk a little Harry Potter,
Toonhead goes to the special school,
relatives who only dwell on the negative,
littleflurry drives fast,

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Candidradio Severe Storm Video Coverage, Call 1-206-666-baad

Storm Videos
Number 1

Taken by Littleflurry aka Jenn Zimmerman. She has a tiny gallery here.

Storm III


Storm PHOTOS here!

221candidradio better late than never call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 221 ZMAN flies solo again this week. On this weeks show,
A little flurry funny phoner,
Bad bowling with friends,
Some podcasts you should check out,
Nine Inch Nails or Marylin Manson Who do you prefer,
Is Marylin Manson just shock value of does he actually have talent,
I let you know who I like better,
I answer a listener question from a couple shows ago,
People who don't keep an eye on their pets at the vets,
Why do dogs eat that?
Talk about a baseball blow out, 30 to 3, Isn't that more of a football score,
Some advice if you're heading off to collage for after graduation,
Holding the Apron Strings to tightly can make you look like an idiot,
Things that annoy me but shouldn't
Masters of the obvious,
See some bad bowling video on our my space page,
A video of the lighting from Wednesday August 22nd will be posted later today or tomorrow taken outside the radio station where zman works
Jenn is planning a photo trip this Saturday and will do a podcast while she travels.

podcasts mentioned on the show.

The Frank Wit Show


Stories mentioned on this show.

Texas slams Baltimore 30to 3 to set American League scoring record

Number of Hot Car Deaths among children on the rise

websites mentioned
See some bad bowling videos on our myspace page

Jenn's photo gallery

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

New candidradio show coming today

Will be posted by three pm central US time. Sorry for the delay, Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Next Show on the way shortly

Sorry for the delay in getting a show out this week. We tried to record Sunday evening but the batteries in our recorder went dead over half way though. We haven't had a chance to record sense then because I've had to work some strange hours with the NASCAR race getting pushed back two days. One of the stations I work for is a NASCAR affiliate. We'll get a show up probably Wednesday or Thursday this week.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

220candidradio lunar golfing and other stuff call 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 220. On this show,
We visit one of Jenn's friends who works at a local bar,
We talk about our trip to play Lunar Golf,
We read the license number of a person behind us who does some illegal driving,
Should we be dumping more waste in to lake Michigan,
dogs pooping in the house,

sites mentioned on the show.
Lunar Golf pictures

Lunar Golf
Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, August 06, 2007

219candidradio zman flies solo again call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 219 as zman does another solo show. It's a short one today. On this show,
The digital conversion,
Why do people complain about the heat in August when we know it is going to be hot,
Why is interracial marriage news,
Other archaic beliefs,
Have to do the honey do list. PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR SHOW/PODCAST!

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Saturday, July 28, 2007

218candidradio our two year anniversary in podcasting 1 206 666 BAAD

Join us here as we celebrate our second anniversary of podcasting. Our anniversary date was July 25th, which was also our ninth wedding anniversary.
On this weeks show,
We helped out at the (PHOTOS HERE) Pet Projects adopt a pet day in Ottawa,
ugly feet,
We play the clip of our first ever podcast from July 25th 2005, It is awful and was painful to hear and we think you'll agree,
We also play some short clips of some of our other early shows and comment and make fun of ourselves,
A voice Mail from Darin Deshong,
and more

Shows mentioned
The Dawn and Drew Show
The Half Hour Power Hour
Dry Shave

The Wonderful World of Danny

Vomitus Prime
Darrin Dishong's Drive Home


The Mediocre Show

The Little Donkey Show

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

candidradio what we sounded like two years ago on our first podcast this week in 2005 call 1 206 666 BAAD ameil

We celebrated our second year of podcasting on July twenty fifth. If you have never heard our first ever show we're reposting it so you can hear just how bad it sounded. check it our here if you dare.

call 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, July 23, 2007

217candidradio another show with zman and toonhead call 1 206 666 BAAD

Join us here for candidradio show 217 as ZMAN is joined by guest host toonhead who he has known for twenty seven years this week.
On this show,
We talk a little Harry Potter,
A little on the upcoming "Simpson's" movie,
A little on "Rattatui"
we talk about meeting at summer camp back in 1980,
Anyone remember the TV game show "Starcade?"
Going through mobility training and how we met again,
How to handle a group of blind people,
toonhead talks about his girlfriend and his continuing recovery,
We talk a little music,
toonhead talks about his acb radio interactive on line radio show,
An apology to Jenna of the DB show,

shows mentioned.

Vomitous Prime,

The DB show

ACB interactive (American Counsel for the Blind radio)

Websites mentioned
The stories may or may not be true but it is an interesting website.
Find a Death

Starcade The worlds first video game game show. This show aired on WTBS superstation in the eighties. and could also be seen on verious independent TV stations across the country. I remember watching it on WPWR TV 60 In Chicago. This website contains all kinds of goodies including full episodes. Enjoy

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, July 16, 2007

216candidradio we're lost call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 216 On this show we are on our way back from a trip to Chicago with our friends Bob and Tammy and we take a detour to avoid paying a fifty cent toll and go a little too far out of our way. Join us for the fun.
We talked about,
traveling with my in laws to our nieces birthday party and how freaked out my MIL gets in heavy traffic,
We dig out the map to find out where the heck we are,
Why didn't we just pay the fifty cent toll,
This is a nice neighborhood,
A shout out to Jennifer from the Little Donkey Show for giving Keith a hand with our myspace page,
and a bunch of other random stuff, PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR SHOW/PODCAST!

Shows mentioned,

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

(Note of interest)
There has been a bunch of talk lately on weather we should bring the troops home from Iraq. If you feel this should be done contact your congressmen and let them know how you feel. The president says that leaving now would make the violence worse. Maybe he has not been watching the news but it is getting worse. It is not our job to be the worlds police department. Just because our way of living is right for us does not give us the right to push it on other people around the world. Fighting has been going on in that part of the world for centuries and will continue long after we leave the area. Let your congressmen know that it is time to get out of there and let the people in Iraq run their own lives.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

215candidradio is it hot in here call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 215 as we drive back home from Keith parents house
We talk about obsessive channel changers,
Keith's mom has never heard of youtube and did not know who Madonna was,
Jenn tries to get clobbered,
We talk a little about Live Earth,
Jenn sees a hawk and has a bout with ADD,
People who don't know where there cars fit,
Jenn can't stay on topic, and more.


Click here for Zman Dress Video, please rate him!
Video number 2

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Do it, Live it, Keep it Green, Save Earth

Photo by Jennifer Zimmerman

Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can generate $31,250 of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,500 worth of soil erosion.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

214candidradio What Number? what's in that water call us 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 214. On this show we Just BS about random stuf
First we cannot remember what show number we are recording and ask for help,
Jenn's computer is having it's time of the month it must be a female,
On a more serious note a family friend has passed away and we talk about how amazing it was that he lived as long as he did,
A little on one of Jenn's cousins who has outlived what the doctor's had predicted,
mice that won't behave and Jenn makes strange hand signals while Keith is talking.
A friend of ours wants to know if Jenn shaves her legs and we think he has a leg fixation,
We talk about the 19 year old man who got an eleven year old pregnant and his lawyer's silly attempt at a defense and try and play the news video until Jenn's computer takes a crap, Shows we talked about:


Stories we talked about
link to video from CNN

One of the more disturbing things about the story is no one who was interviewed for the story, in the girls neighborhood seems surprised or outraged

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Sunday, June 24, 2007

213candidradio A little wine with your podcast call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 213. Littleflurry is back this week and she's enjoying a couple glasses of wine.
On this show,
How would you send a poop-a-gram,
On a more serious note, littleflurry's sister lost her FurBaby and we ask for your thoughts and prayers as her family grieves the loss of their beloved family member,
The concert to remember Princess Diana as we approach the tenth anniversary of her death,
The Live Earth concerts coming up on July 7th seventh,
Littleflurry has the hots for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and
Stories we talked about
The concert for Diana

The Live Earth concert.

Call and leave us a comment 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, June 18, 2007

212candidradio with special guest co host toonhead we talk about guy stuff

Join us here for candidradio show 212. This week ZMAN is joined by guest host toonhead who fills in for littleflurry. On this show:
Fathers Day,
Fun with my niece and Nephew,
A night at the races with a seven year old,
My FIL needs to realize that seven year olds are going to ask questions,
When TV was actually worth watching,
A few stories in the news,
People who try to use their clout to get there way,
Why would you keep margarita mix and Apple juice in the same place?
Why would they design a race track without a full guard rail,
Toonhead plugs his internet radio show,
An update on how Toonheads recovery is going,
A plug for next weeks show,
and more.

shows mentioned

ACB radio interactive

Stories mentioned

FBI probes fake weather warnings

TSA disputes womans claim of mistreatment.

Drag Race accident kills seven.

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Sunday, June 10, 2007

211candidradio it's a mad world call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 211. On this show:
The zman in a dress video is now on line,
Jenn sings about wanting her new camera while doing the worst Judy Garland impression you'll ever hear,
A little on the Kelsey Smith news story,
Does the news media have a bias for attractive young white females when it comes to abduction stories,
Does the media make random abductions seem more common than they really are,
Cops make an oops,
ZMAN uses big words,
Fun adventures at Wal-Mart,
photo talk,
Vacation plans for the fall,
and more,

Shows we mentioned,

Stories we talked about

Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, June 04, 2007

210candidradio the gathering call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 210, On this weeks show
We podcast on the way to the Midwest Podcast Gathering in the Quad cities and talk about how much fun we think it will be,
Then we rejoin you from our home and talk about the podcast gathering and all the great people we met.
Also on the show, Please VOTE for our show!
our usual silliness,
The Top Nine Sex Drive Killers,
Getting a Passport,
A little more on the Midwest Podcast Gathering,
Will ZMAN pose for a picture in a wedding dress, BUY THIS DRESS ON EBAY!
We have a snare drum for sale,
ZMAN almost asked Karen of Dry Shave if her son wanted a snare drum and then though maybe he shouldn't, and wonders what her reaction would have been,
voice mail,
and more.

Shows we mentioned,

Stories we talked about

Call our comment line
1 206 666 BAAD

Monday, May 28, 2007

209candidradio too much togetherness call us at 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 209. On this weeks Memorial day show:
cicada poetry,
The snack we are bringing to the podcast gathering this weekend,
cicada recipe,
The half hour power hour returns...???
we are joined by our friend toonhead,
cheese thieves,
and other random stuff...

Shows mentioned.

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

208candidradio zman flies solo call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here as zman flies solo this week and tries not to crash the plane. On this show,
The mysteries of our house,
allergy season,
We have a dumb criminal story from our area, PLEASE VOTE
dropping a ten year old off at the curb for misbehaving in the car child neglect?
What do you do if your kid calls your bluff on an empty threat,
Should we be lowering ourselves to his level,
Never be afraid to ask a disabled person questions,
a little on growing up in a small town with tourette syndrome,
would zman attend his 20th high school reunion,
zman gets on a religion soap box and little flurry is not around to stop him,

Stories mentioned on the show

10 Year old dropped off at the side of the road for misbehaving in the car

Pot found in Happy Meal,2933,272774,00.html

call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

207candidradio live from brokeville call us 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 207. On this weeks show
We're getting Jenn in shape,
Tired of being broke, might be time for a career change for zman,
How important is sleep,
The stages of sleep,
How important are dreams,
What happens if you don't get enough sleep,
sleep paralysis,
Jerry Falwell remembering some of the dumb things he said during his life,
and more,
Just two and a half weeks until the podcast gathering in the Quad Cities,
and more
Ebay Stuff For Sale, Great Deals!

shows mentioned

Stories we talked about

give our comment line a call 1 206 666 BAAD

Sunday, May 06, 2007

206candidradio another road trip call us 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 206. On this weeks show
Jenn sees a funny sign,
Visiting a friend in the hospital,
incompetent idiots,
65,000,000 for what?
annoying email forwards about gas,
a bad way to make extra cash?
Nasty weather,
some general silliness,
how many Wal marts are in your area,
We're on the podcaster who's who network,
Voice mail messages,
and more.

Shows we mentioned

Stories we talked about
Despite the email forwards you've been reading not buying gas on May fifteenth will not do a thing to effect gas prices.

We're now a part of the podcaster who's who network.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday and Broke........

I'm going to Dizz Knee Land by Dada is a great song. Today is official sit on our butts in pj's and veg out day.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

205candidradio peeing in the shower, 80's tv, picture talk God robs a bank amd more call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 205. On this weeks show,
Where Jenn would like to go on vacation,
Getting peed on in the shower,
Jenn wants a new toy,
TV shows that need to go away,
Keith hates the Lifetime Channel,
Jenn should not be allowed to play with ring tones,

shows mentioned

Stories we talked about
God Robs a Bank

Locations of visitors to this page

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

204candidradio fermilab, Jenn has her own ball, jenn's tips for life and more call us at 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio 204. On this weeks show
Jenn talks about her trip to the Fermilab weather seminar,
Some photo tips,
a little about the Virginia Tech Tragedy,
The one item everyone needs this Tornado season,
and more,

Websites we talked about

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Monday, April 23, 2007

next candidradio show coming in a day or so we got a little delayed with the nice weather part of the show is done we just have to do the rest

Next candid radio show will be up in a day or so. More here

A minor correction. I mentioned in my recorded comment that I was not big on science. I meant I was not big, or up, on science terms or lingo. I love science. It's the language of science I'm still learning if that makes sense.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FOR SALE! Sex and the city season 1 and 2 on DVD and more

Please vote for candid!
Wedding dress size 20, real silk, Lace upper and raw silk bottom. Photos upon request.
Canon 28-135 IS Lens Like New.
Xbox games Grand Theft Auto I and II
Indy car Series
Ghost Recon Island thunder
ATV Quad Power Racing 2
Terminator 3

Ebay Feedback under user name Littleflurry

Sunday, April 15, 2007

203candidradio the photoholic is back call us at 1 206 666 BAAD or email

Join us here for another show live from our living room couch
on this weeks show
Jenn has her new camera finally,
We throw our two cents in on the Don Imus controversy,
daughters promising their fathers that they'll wait until marriage to have sex,
Jenn's adventures with the family car when she was younger,
Midwest podcast gathering,
photo talk,
weekend hikes,

call and leave us a comment 1 206 666 BAAD
or email

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

202candidradio just driving around talking about stuff, call us 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here as we take the show in the car again.
On this show. We introduce you to a band from Nashville Called The National Pool and play two of their songs, "Everywhere you Look"
and "a o 1"
We also talk about people who make rude assumptions,
adventures at Wal-mart,
a subject I heard on The Little Donkey Show-Should your boss or school be able to tell you what you can do in your personal life?
We drive through the cemetary at midnight on the way home and tell bad cemetary jokes because we can.
The cold weather this week, will it ever warm up? And more.

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Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007

201candidradio what's that sound call us our comment line, we don't bite 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for another exciting show.
I wake Jenn up on the show
We help put in a sump pump
Earth Quake talk,
Another camera update,
fun gift to buy a four year old,
We try and figure out what that sound is,
A religious nut at my work place,
Midwest podcast gathering June second,
and more.
Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD

podcasts mentioned on the show

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Have you ever had a dream you were working on turning real? Call 206666BAAD

I have a dream to someday become a published artist. I was given an opportunity to live part of this dream by doing a photography job. The tool I use for the dream is broken and 700.00 would give me a new tool to use as a backup. I shared this dream with my well to do parents only to be told, awe that is too bad. I did not ask for the funds to help me. I am their daughter. I am not expecting a hand out. I am not expecting anything. I never will. I will never expect a visit from them, or just them asking how they can help me when they can clearly see I need their help. - Littleflurry

Sunday, March 25, 2007

200candidradio-melons, teets,blindness, erotica, holes in my what? Call 1206666BAAD, email candidradio

Join us here for our 200th show. We talk about the flooding going on around our area, buying birthday presents. We help the Mediocre show promote steak and blow job day, getting directions from a blind guy, Jenn about has an orgasm talking about the flooding and the freaky clouds, and other random stuff that I can't quite remember. Call 1-206-666-BAAD or email, join our message board at right top link.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

For show 200 we are going to do it up right......and get a new camera.

My tiny purchase:
Hasselblad H2D Digital Camera Kit
Hasselblad H2D, 22 Megapixel, SLR, Digital Camera Kit
Demo Item
Mfr# 70360509 • B&H# HAH2DD
Our Price: $ 24,000.00
Shipping Cost: FREE what a bargain!
In Stock
Quantity: for this price I should get 2

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Doggiee Movie! Carbon track from Noaa.......this is changing our climate!

Go to

Doggiee Movie?

It hasn't even left the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today shows my camera still at the store in Joliet!!!!!

Nice as they said it would be sent out FAST TRACK on Saturday 3/17 and today on 3/21 shows:
Service Information
Service Order #:
Pick-Up Location:
Pick-Up Phone #:
(815) 609-0771
Product Information
Product Type:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Absurbly the Manager 1-206-666-BAAD or email

Would you do this? Listen in.
Camera of your dreams=$1500.00
Extended warranty til 2008 for that camera of your dreams=$150.00
3 trips to the store that won't help you with the warranty they sold you=$90.00
Bald Eagle photos of a lifetime as 145 eagles appear 3 miles from your house=priceless
For all of your electronic needs go anywhere BUT the best buy store.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

199candidradio jenn's camera the saga continues, CALL 1-206-666-BAAD or EMAIL

Today is the Big day. Join us here as we go to Best Buy to get some answers about Jenn's camera problems. Find out the results on todays show. Also little old ladies who try to kill your car.
Check out our candid radio video of the day on our my space page.
listener comments
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Friday, March 16, 2007

198candidradio-these are the days of our lives with broken cameras, call 1-206-666-BAAD or email

198 candidradio - the opening of the camera from the repair shop. Extreme explicit language follows. Listen at your own risk. email or call 1-206-666-BAAD. Voicemails will follow on show 199 live from the retail store! Over 31,029 downloads!!!!!! Thank you listeners! Join our MESSAGE BOARD
Please donate to keep us at the bottom of this page. :-)

Friday, March 09, 2007

197 candidradio - beavers! tundrabuggy, climate crisis, recycle debate, and more, call 1206666BAAD or email

197CandidradioShow FREE download! Beavers and boogers....intro by Nick McCabe from the Nick and Jayne show! Voicemails from listeners! Stay tuned til the final seconds.....WIN A trip to Vegas!!!

Please Donote to some great causes:
"Congenital Heart Disease Research Fund.... I am raising money for charity at Please help me with this in efforts to help find a cure for children's congenital heart disease." Ashley
Our friend Ashley's cousin Matt is shaving his head to raise money for children's cancer research. The event takes place on March 17th. If your interested in sponsoring Matt you can contact him at his my space page
When the Levees Broke-a movie you should see about those Americans who suffered in Katrina.
Climate articles:
Number 1
Feeling down in the dumps??? Try JeniZimm...listen for details.
Tundrabuggy - GO see polar bears before they disappear It's my dream to go see wild polar bears and take photos of them.

Make your own White Mocha Espresso!!!!!!! YUMMY!

Call 1-206-666-BAAD or email,
Play our promos and we will play yours! We have 3 promos:
Spilled Promo
Tree Promo
Old People Promo
Frappr Your Photo on our map below.....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth, a website to check out

If you have not seen the film "An Inconvenient Truth" We at candidradio dot com highly recommend it. It gives the facts about global warming and tells ways each person can help solve this problem.
There is a website that gives tips on simple things you can do to help change the course of global warming. Click below for more information.

U Should See This Regardless of Any Political Affiliation

I Want You to go Here Please
As a former USCGR military member,
everyone abroad needs to hear from us!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

196candidradio with special guest Nintendo freak from the no cent podcast warning much alcohol was consumed during this show call 1 206 666 BAAD

Join us here for candidradio show 196 as we welcome special guest Nintendo Freak from the no sent pod cast. Many gallons of alcohol were consumed during the recording of this show so you've been warned in advance. It's a little fuzzy but I think we talked about
being stalked,
psycho ex's
Annoying littleflurry, she likes to keep up on this website (
DO NOT CLICK HERE! We want to be dead last on so DO NOT VOTE!!!
We're not sure of the rest, it's also a surprise even to us.
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call our comment line at 1 206 666 BAAD

Friday, March 02, 2007

195candidradio Jenn should not be allowed to sing. We don't bite, Call our comment line 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for Candidradio show 195. On todays show we talk about some of the hard times some of our friends (mister A) have been thru, a rant about Jenn's parents, her dad has a four wheeler,
We'll be doing another show tomorrow with a surprise guest, some other shows you need to check out
our redone myspace page
call our comment line, we don't bite too hard. 1 206 666 BAAD

New show coming up with surprise guest who has his own show......

It's been tough times here. Very concerned for friends of ours. They lost their 20 month old son. Say a prayer for them. We are podcasting this weekend, love any voicemails anyone would like to share, please call 1-206-666-BAAD.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Heart Breaking Times

A very dear friend of mine lost his son and we'll be back next week. Please say a prayer for them.

Monday, February 19, 2007

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194candidradio-Littleflurry and a girlfriend take a drive, CALL 1 206 666 BAAD, email, FREE DOWNLOAD

FREE DOWNLOAD, Join us here as little flurry and our friend Tammy take a drive through the snow and talk about random topics, Littleflurry wants to see pictures of where you live. Littleflurry also learns about sloppy seconds. Also Littleflurry talks about people who evade paying taxes, ZMAN joins near the end of the show to talk some NASCAR controversy and more.
Call and leave us a comment, don't be scared, we don't bite CALL 1 206 666 BAAD

Sites mentioned on our show
We mentioned this site and it does exist. It's a site for weight loss.
If you follow NASCAR. You'll want to check out this site. If you live outside the us you can listen to the races on line

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Death of a Camera

Left the 20D with best buy today.....hoping to get it back sooner than later. LF

Saturday, February 10, 2007

193candidradio - listener voicemails, broken camera, famous my space people 1 206 666 BAAD

Join us here as we talk about the great camera crisis, myspace friends and a new podcast you need to check out. Call 1-206-666-BAAD Intro by Nick McCabe....he is awesome!
Check out our NEW promos on keyword 'candidradio'

How many people are listening to podcasts?
According to a TDG research study, over 10 million listeners will download and listen to podcasts in 2006. Within five years the total audience size is expected to reach 56 million, spread across hundreds of thousands of podcasts. With over 14 million iPods sold in Q4 of 2005 alone, this expansion will only continue to accelerate.

Podcasts and websites we talked about.
You can find Nobilis new podcast at
check our our my space page
Helpful tips for fixing your cannon 20 D when it takes a dump.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

192candidradio cameras dogs and snow, better batteries for toys, call 1-206-666-BAAD, email candidradio at gmail dot com

Candidradio show 192...Join us here as we talk about snow, dogs, and cameras. And ZMAN manages to throw in a sex comment or two. Intro music from podsafe music network made by Zman. Click here to VOTE. Our Message Board

The diary of a snow shoveler story we mentioned on our show

Podcasts we mentioned.

call our comment line at 1-206-666-BAAD

Podshow PDN {podshow-49374fb3a20e5071d3207137ab3d5037}

Saturday, February 03, 2007

191candidradio live from the arctic or at least if feels like it

Join us here for another coffee induced podcast. On this show we make all the freezing people feel worse by telling you how warm it is everywhere else, hidden racial comments at work, Littleflurry asks for singing auditions, the worse the better, We've been home together too many weekends in a row, and more...Call 1-206-666-BAAD or email
Would you like some nude photos taken? Call Littleflurry!
Do you wanna link exchange? Check us out on
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nick and jayne show
mediocre show
darrin dishong's drive home
no cents podcast

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sour cream
finely shredded cheese (I like the 6 cheese variety)
Flour soft taco shells
Mix all but the shells in bowl. Spread across taco shell. Roll it. Eat it.