Thursday, February 27, 2014

After threats and harassment, NC teen abandons atheist group

From the article,  "The whole episode is a sad and painful reminder of the formal and informal persecution, intimidation and harassment that atheists, agnostics and other freethinkers often must face.
It is also a stinging indictment of the hypocrisy, the arrogance, and the cruelty of the Christian community at large. One can only wonder, where were the so called “good Christians” while this teen was being threatened and harassed?"   Also the one girl who called her satin is not all that smart,  We atheists don't believe in a satin.  Just shows how ignorant some of these people are.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

10 Things Never to Say to a New Midlife Mother

As we have some friends who have not had their first child until they were in their forties we've heard all the comments they have heard.  One friend who had her first at 39 had a waitress in a shocked voice ask our friend "How Old Are You"? The waitress was about seventeen and seemed to be utterly shocked that a woman in her thirties would dare have a child.   Seems that when you do something other perceive as "not normal"  there is always some rude moron that will make some dumb comment on it.  I cane across this article that goes over the 10 things you should never say to a new midlife mother and some good responses to give if you are a midlife mother and some idiot feels the need to say any of this crap to you.

From the article.

"1. "Are you the grandmother?"
Unless you need to ask this to determine whether an AARP card is applicable, or to somehow confirm lineage, don't even ask. Not only is this a painful question for any woman/mother over 40, but if applied incorrectly, it's an insult to the children who are usually listening. Think about the overall cost/benefit of asking this question, especially if little ones are in tow.
2. "How old were you when you had/adopted your child?"
Is this your business?
3. "Do you know how selfish you are?"
This references the fact that I may die long before I get to experience my children's milestones and leave my children motherless. However, people die at every age. Long life is not a sure bet for anyone.
4. "Why would you have/adopt a child at your age?"
Why not?"

Archive and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday February 25th, 2014

On this show we played songs relating to sex.  Also we had the usual tech talk, Here's your sign moments at work, Some snow related stories, the new object coming to the house, our snow dogs, silly parents we knew growing up, and much much more.

Here is the link to download and listen. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

31 Puns That Are So Bad They Are Good and A Note The Tech Issues with Sky 106

First, I wanted to give an update as to why we and sky 106 has not been on the air this week.  The company that provides the server "Skynet Communications" has been having some issues so that station is looking for another more reliable server company so hopefully we'll be back on in our regular slot on Tuesday Nights this week.  We'll keep you updated.

Also wanted to share this link my cousin posted to Facebook.  I love bad puns so here are thirty one of them.  Enjoy

Here's the link

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sorry, No Archive Link For Last Nights Show

Hey guys,  Due to technical issues with the server there is no archive link available for last nights Candidradio Live show.  We do apologize.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Employee Confronts Amputee Vet Over Service Dog

People need to educate themselves and realize that not just blind people use service animals.  Clearly Starbucks management did a poor job of training in this case.   This employee should be fired.

article here.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Archive link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live From Tuesday February 4th, 2014

On this show along with the usual great music we talked about. Zman's Eye Surgery, The passing of another great actor due to drug use, Littleflurry talks about J C Dugaurd's book and we talk about another woman who was held under similar circumstances,  Zman talks about the latest book he's reading, the usual tech talk, and much more.

Due to our winamp player freezing up the show is in two separate links.

Here's the link to download the first part of the show.

Here's the link to download the second part of the show. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014