Saturday, December 20, 2008

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Join us here for show 266. On this months show,

Littleflurry's weather predictions,
Our wonderful governor,
fun with nerf guns,
Holiday Stress,
A little about "X" & "Y",
Going for the big snip,
Littleflurry's new job,
More fun weather,
Some gifts to avoid this holiday season, (see link below for more gifts to avoid)
An update on littleflurry's favorite shelter dog,
littleflurry's carpentry,
zman shares some bad jokes he's learned at work and he decided you needed to hear them too.
voice mails and more.

links to things we talked about in the show

Grape smashers

Worst gift ideas for 2008

For more fun links check out my radio station page. just go to the announcer pages and look for the zman page.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

OMG Podcasting.......oh yeah we are so behind and have sooooo much to talk about

OMG it's Dec 18th and still haven't been in the same room long enough to do a new show. Love all our listeners. Thank you for listening. Topics on next show:
Blind people and guns
Don't shoot a paintball gun where?
White crap falling from the sky every other day
Govenor BlagoSonOfABitch
Oh yeah that tree we were supposed to put up
and MORE!