Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Right to Protest Applies to all U S citizens, Not just the ones you agree with

Hello, been a long time sense I've blogged but I had to add my two cents to the issue of should protests at military funerals be banned debate. You have probably heard by now that Fred Phelps and his Westburo Baptist Church based in Topeka Kansas makes a habit of protesting military funerals. They claim that solders deaths are gods punishment for the U S supporting homosexuality. In my opinion the WBC are the most hateful vile individuals in this country. Worse than the KKK and other hate organizations. They twist religion and use it to promote their homophobia. Many are upset that this group dares to protest the funerals of our fallen men and women. Many think these protests should be banned. While I agree that protesting a funeral is one of the most disrespectful things one can do especially for the reason this group is doing so, the fact is they have a Constitutional right to peacefully assemble. this right applies to all U S citizens. even groups you don't like or agree with. The supreme court is not in the job of making decisions based on public opinion. They base decisions on weather they are Constitutional. If they based their decisions on what was popular, we might still have segregation in parts of the U S, the right for a woman to get an abortion may not be legal. It is not their job to rule in the favor of public opinion. They have to rule on weather something is constitutional. It may not be popular but it is the law. The law says they have a right to protest at funerals and as long as they don't create a disturbance and keep it peaceful, they have a right to do so. We don't get to pick which U S citizens get to protest and which ones don't. The law applies to all groups weather we like them or not. As I said, I think Fred Phelps is probably the most vile man in the U S but as a U S citizen even he has rights weather we like it or not. If you start taking away the rights of groups you don't like or agree with, pretty soon you may find your rights taken away as well.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Help Stop Dog Fighting.com

A very helpful group of people are doing their part to make sure those who use dogs for fighting are caught. Please check out this very informative website.
Reward:A reward of up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a dogfighter.