Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Archive and Show Notes For Candidradio Live from Tuesday January 28th 2014

On this show the usual great music plus we talked about I Phone six rumors and other tech stuff,  Zman has an emergency eye check up next Monday, A headline and story you just can't make up and a song to go with it, Our thoughts on legalizing pot, and much more.

Here is the link to download and listen to the show.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Illinois Innkeeper: There Will Never Be A Gay Wedding Here

Now the inn keeper says he's running a "Christian bed and breakfast" and will not host same sex couples because of what the "bible says about it"  Now I do wonder if he won't host a same sex couple because the bible says homosexuality is wrong, if he also makes sure every straight couple who stays there is married,  Also he better not be serving shell fish, he also should not allow any guests in who have tattoos,  He'd better not have his place of business open on Sunday's, and none of his bed sheets, towels, or other linens, made of mixed fabrics.  I mean the bible says those things are wrong too.  Funny how those who like to use the bible to say same sex marriage should be legal forget to read the rest of Leviticus.  If they did they'd see just how silly trying to use the bible to argue weather we should or should not be doing things is just plain silly.  Also teh inn keeper says that homosexuality is not natural which science has proven to be false.  It appears in many other species besides humans.  Who you going to believe.  A book that has been translated so many times the original translations have been lost or the science of today.  I'll pick the science of today and if god support discrimination then that is not the kind of god I'd want any part of.

Here is the article 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday January 21st 2014

On this show, as well as the usual great music  Things no one wants to see in public, the usual music trivia, The biggest misconception about Tourette Syndrome, another one of those, "They had to do a study to figure this out" stories, and much more.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Zman Filling in on the Musical Array

On the show as well as great music I talk about things no one wants to see on Facebook, things no one wants tohear in the break room, plus music trivia about Lorde, Ms. Mr., and more.

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The 9 Types Of Special Snowflake Children Who Aren’t Special At All

We all know parents like this and they are far more annoying then their "special" children.  

From the article.

Most of us just have average kids. They get decent grades, they are somewhat attractive, they have good days and days where we consider leaving them on the side of the road. On occasion they act in exceptional ways, and they surprise us by how insightful, caring, or funny small humans can be. I’m cool with that, you’re probably cool with that, but do you know who isn’t cool with that? Any parent that you dare suggest that their kid is “average” to. And most of us don’t, because as soon as one of the special snowflakes’ moms goes on their diatribe about how special their little spawn actually is, our eyes sort of glaze over and we start calculating the price of buy-one-get-one-free butter on sale this week, and whether or not you can actually freeze butter or if it gets weird. These special snowflake children are nowhere near as annoying as their parents are. What are the most common types of special snowflake kids? Why, I’m so glad you asked.

Read more:

Zman filling in for Geno J tonight at 6 EST on

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I'll be doing a fill in show tonight on  I'll be filling in for Geno J from six till eight Eastern time tonight so tune in and if you cannot listen live, the archive link to the show will be posted here on Candidradio dot com later tonight.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uptick in Births Nine Months After a Blizzard or Power Outage Nothing More than an Urban Legend.

With the recent super cold temps we had here a couple weeks ago I've already heard this one going around our area about what will supposedly happen nine months from now.  I do wonder if the people who actually believe this myth really think people stop using birth control just because they are  snowed in or the power is out.  Sorry, it does not work that way despite what maternity ward nurses want to believe.

Article here. 

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday January 14th, 2014

On the show along with great music we talked about Littleflurry's CSI/Anti Terrorist  dream, five types of people on FAcebook you should never friend, How to keep family from embarassing you on Facebook, What is all over one in six cell phones, Another victory for Marriage Equality, A little about "Divergent" Rihanna's song "Diamonds" has an error, How you can tell wind speeds at home if the internet is not good enough for you, Promos for a couple upcoming Candidradio Live theme shows,  and much more.

Here is the link to download and listen to the show.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Growing Up Unvaccinated I had the healthiest childhood imaginable. And yet I was sick all the time. By Amy Parker

Great article written by a woman who grew up unvaccinated and all the heath problems she had due to it.  This illestrates how much crap the anti vaccination people are trying to spread.  This woman is lucky to be alive.

Full article here. 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Walmart puts attendance over Safety during the Dangerous Weather this Past Weekend.

I really hate it when companies put attendance over safety. We had some pretty bad and cold weather move though our area Sunday though Tuesday. Now for those who don't know I work at Walmart and Saturday at the ten PM meeting the shift manager said if people call off Sunday when the bad weather moves though it will be held against them and those in danger of being over the allotted absences may find themselves unemployed the next time they come in. Walmart allows three call offs for a six month rolling period, Now Sunday authorities were telling people not to travel due to the blowing and drifting snow and the dangerous wind chills. I do know most people still called off and on third shift which I work seven people made it in. One woman did say she came in simply because she did not want to lose her job. Sad when a company expects people to come in even when authorities are telling people not to travel. Obviously an attendance policy is acceptable. Most companies have them but let's use some common sense. If the authorities are telling people to stay off the roads and in many cases Sunday and Monday nights in our area ticketing people for being on the roads expecting people to risk their lives to get to work is a little stupid.  I've been told other Walmart's i the area that was hit with the bad weather did the same thing. 

Friday, January 03, 2014

Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder

Talked about this on our show Tuesday Night and finally posting the link that talks about it.  This sleep disorder affects totally blind people.

Here's the info. 

Antivaccinationists abuse reporting algorithms to silence pro-vaccine skeptics on Facebook

Facebook needs to fix this bug.  The flaw is all you have to do is say you're name was used in a post and Facebook bans the person for twelve hours.  As the article points out, the people being banned are making normal pasts.   These antivaccination groups know their arguments are false so their only tactic is to either attack their critics or try and silence them.

Here is the article that talks about this problem. 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live from Tesday December 31st 2013

Sorry this is a couple days late in being posted.  Been fighting off a sinus infection   On this show lots of dance music to ring in the new year.  We did a six hours show.  We also talked about a ton of stuff including  Zman's worst New Years hangover, Another dangerous New Year activity besides drinking and driving,  Asleep disorder that effects mainly blind people, We had a couple silly arguments, Littleflurry's weird customer stories, Just when you thought Phil Robertson could not say anything more disgusting, he does,  The controversy over when MTV added Micheal Jackson's "Billy Jean" video,  and a whole lot more.