Tuesday, March 25, 2008

249candidradio half and half

Join us here for candidradio show 249. On this weeks show:

littleflurry asks if it is proper to expect compensation from a family member when they expect it from you,
ZMAN talks about Easter with the family,
common phrases that make no sense when you think about them.
More on Easter with the family,
bratty kids,
Sports on Easter,
No Tolerance laws go to far,
An update on the lady in Tinley Park who was arrested while only five feet from her child,
Some more rambling silliness,
and more,

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why pay 1800.00 for a puppy from a pet shop in a mall when...

There are 1000's of beautiful dogs at petfinder.com in your area who need homes? We have adopted 3 gorgeous dogs from shelters. 2 of them live with us now. We paid 125.00 adoption fees for our first dog from a Seneca, IL shelter. We have paid 150.00 for each of our dogs we have now. That included their shots, microchips, vet exams and more. I walked in our local mall Friday night and to my horror, a pet shop there sells puppies who have been man handled by the public all day long. On top of that, the puppies are sold for $800.00 and up and up and up..... If you are a true dog lover as I am, seeing the dogs at your local shelter will break your heart. Here is a sample of the dogs you will see and add to your family:


Monday, March 17, 2008

248candidradio the eye of the storm call 1 206 203 FUNO email candidradio at gmail dot.com

Join us here for candidradio show 248. On this show
zman talks at great length about his upcoming eye surgery and what will happen,
what should be done about bad weather during baseball season,
The fun of moving a couch out a door,
A mans version of putting things away,
Wishing a friend happy birthday,
zman tells a very offensive joke,
We like good pie,
little flurry's phone call from hell,
zman's annoying phone calls at work,
and more.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oklahoma Stare rep Sally Kern gives Hate Filled Homophobic Speach

Oklahoma State rep Sally Kern went on a homophobic hate filled tirade a few days ago and did not realize she was being recorded. It should scare anyone that this hate filled uninformed person is a member of congress. Watch the video below. I don't know where she got her info but she proves that she is very uninformed.

And she is refusing to apologize.

I think her stupidity speaks for itself.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

247Candidradio mentally disturbed call 1 206 203 FUNO email candidradio at gmail.com

Join us here for candidradio show 247 with ZMAN & littleflurry
On this show: The Largest LCD monitor EVER,
Wal-Mart stupidity,
A chorus of littleflurry's
Food Stamp hagglers,
Dumb Dog owners,
Some random silliness with sticky notes,
Fun with wire cutters,
Planet Earth,
Windmill shadiness,
Welcoming home a friends baby,
Littleflurry has way too much caffeine
and more,

Check out this song that was referenced on the BBC documentary Planet Earth

Monday, March 03, 2008

246candidradio the wang is overheating call 1 206 203 FUNO email candidradio at gmail dot com

Join us here for candidradio show 246. Toonhead is back for another show with ZMAN
On this show:
toonhead reviews Janet Jacksons new album,
That leads in to a discussion about overused 80's sayings and the people who still use them,
What a friend of zman's thinks we should do to people who still use 80's sayings,
Bad Eddie Murphy movies (there are so many)
zman & toonhead try to remember what Eddie Murphy Movie a certain line comes from. Please help us figure this one out?
more retro stuff, (what else would you expect when we get together)
A cool online radio station recommended by toonhead
Giving a good friend and former co worker Happy birthday wishes and we tell you where you can hear her radio show,
Things that are only cute if kids do them,
and more

Sites talked about on the show
Check out my friend Maggie in the morning on Star 96.7 FM. Weekday mornings from five until nine central time. The most talented person I've ever worked with

A cool online radio station with over 120 different formats.

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