Friday, July 23, 2010

282candidradio we interrupt this program for some storms call 1 206 203 FUNO (3866)

Join us here for our latest show. Wow two shows in a month, we're over achieving. On this show

Our usual tom foolery is interrupted by a nasty storm (VIDEO) which we talk about and have accompanying video on mine and Jenn's facebook pages linked below.

Also on the show, Storm Video!
Movie reviews,
Why the habababa video is not funny,
Dropping the land line,
It can be expensive to get lucky when you get old,
What' we've learned after 12 years of marriage.
Jenn and The Nintendo Freaks weight challenge.
New phone? And Dino!
Tyku photo
and more.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help us keep our house and get free photography of wildlife

Please help me keep our house. I love photography and would love to share it with others who can help us.

Please donate to save's house fund and receive free photos.

I accept Paypal. Email