Monday, August 24, 2015

Religious Nut Case Pat Robertson: Market Crash God's Punishment For Abortion Rights, Planned Parenthood Funding - See more at:

I don't know about you but the god this nut keeps talking about does not sound like the kind of god I'd want anything to do with . Basically this god does not get his way so he throws a temper tantrum and causes bad things to happen? Sounds more like a seven year old throwing a fit because he didn't get his way. I think the idea that an angry god causes disasters is not something that most people even most Christians have believed for quite some time. I think Patty boy needs to get his mind out of the fifteenth century.

Full story here.

Archive Link for The 80's Flashback for Sunday August 23rd, 2015

Here is the link to download The 80's Flashback from yesterday.



link to download show here

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Archive Link to Download Candidradio Live from Tuesday August 18, 2015

A little late but here is the archive link to last night's Candidradio Live.


Zman & Littleflurrry

download link here.

Missouri Lawmakers Propose An Intern Dress Code To Stop Colleagues From Harassing Students

I'm all for people of both sexes dressing professionally when it is appropriate but let's now have a dress code simply to victim blame.  What a woman wears to work is no excuse for a man to harass her.

From the article.

"Democrats, however, said thinking an intern dress code would solve the culture problem was nothing more than victim-blaming.
"We should never infer that the problem -- and therefore the remedies -- lies with the student interns," state Rep. Kip Kendrick (D) said."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pot Smoking Associated With Smaller Waistlines, Lower Risk of Diabetes

New research confirms that Cannabis smoking can help with weight loss.  This is great news for those who have battled the bulge and have difficulty losing weight.

article here.

Start Time for Tonight's Candidradio Live Delayed until 11 PM EDT

Due to a severe weather threat in our area we will be delaying the start of Candidradio Live until 11 PM EDT.  We'll be doing an all AlT Rock show featuring classic and current alt rock songs so we hope you can join us on sky 106 Radio & Thunderstruck2014 Radio.


Facebook post exposes ridiculous high school dress code

These school dress code policies that shame girls need to be stopped.  From the article, "I think he explained it perfectly. He doesn't want to convey that they were asking for "it." We all know what they're asking for. "It." "It" makes all of these boys (and men maybe?) unable to learn stuff like math and history. And instead of teaching boys to stop sexually harassing girls and instead of creating an environment that completely sexualizes girls—it's easier to just do what's always been done: shame girls for wearing clothes that make boys feel funny."  

Full article here. 

Pat Robertson Says He’s Not Psychic: God Just Talks to Directly to Him

Normally we put people who hear voices and talk to imaginary friends in a mental institution for treatment.  Unless of course they are a religious person.  If I were to walk around saying this people would think I was off my rocker but because Pat Roberson is a religious person it is OK.  Society finds nothing wrong if a person who goes to church says something like this.    

From the article, "On this segment of the 700 Club, Robertson says he doesn’t have psychic abilities. He just receives messages from God that allows him to heal others. If Robertson were not a religious figure and said this, he would be placed in an institution. Amazing how society will lock up homeless people who claim to communicate with God, but if a person goes to church and says this, then they are proclaimed to have spiritual and moral superiority."  

Link to full article here. 

9 Animal "Facts" Everyone gets wrong

You have probably heard these "facts"  many times.  Don't touch a baby bird if youfind one on the ground or its mother will abandon it,  A Ducks quack does not echo, yes there are peoplee who actually believe that,  bees die after they sting you, but these are all myths.  Here is an article taht talks about the nine most common Animal "facts"  that spread on the internet that are actually false.

Article here. 

The Top Pet Peeves of Blind and Visually Impaired People.

I have to credit my friend Just Jo for finding this one.  

OK, here's a few pet peeves of the blind. For you who are sighted, enjoy the laughs and enjoy them for the truth they hold, quite a few of these apply to me, one way or another.
1~ When we ask where something is, saying "right there" isn't the response we were hoping for. And saying it again louder isn't any more helpful. Give specific directions.
2~ Pointing is just as worthless to us. We are blind. We have no idea that you're even pointing! That's why we are still standing here looking confused…
3~ Telling us not to worry, because our other senses will take over is not comforting. We know you may mean well but the fact is there is no replacement for vision. It's a loss. It sucks. Try not to minimize the suckyness of it and invalidate our feelings. We'd rather you just said nothing.
4~ On the other hand, don't assume that we are miserable because we are blind. There are many very well-adjusted and happy blind folks that live it up and enjoy full and satisfying lives. And I'm one of them!
5~ Speaking to the person we're with instead of to us isn't necessary or polite. We aren't deaf, mute, or stupid. (But when you do this, we think you're the latter of the three.) We can't see, but we can hear and speak for ourselves just fine.
6~ Saying "follow me" is nice but if you're going to take off like a jack rabbit and leave us behind not knowing where you went it kind of defeats the purpose. ��Offer an arm or slow your roll.
7~ And when I say offer an arm, I don't mean grab our arm and attempt to drag or steer us, or yank on us! We don't like that shiza and it doesn't work anyways. The proper way to guide the blind just let them take your arm. We can feel the subtle changes in the way you move and follow accordingly.
8~ Want to get choked? Grab a blind or visually impaired persons white cane or dog guide. That is our security. It's the closest thing to eyes that we have. Without it we are lost. Imagine someone ripping your eyeballs out of your head. Yeah. Don't touch. ��
9~ Another way to piss us off is to wave objects right in our face as if we will see them better. If you're trying to hand us or show us something verbally tell us and place it in our hands. Derr!
10~ Almost equally annoying is when you ask us how many fingers you're holding up. We don't care, and we are likely to hold one up right back at you. Can you guess which one?
11~ When we inform you that we're blind and you say, "Oh me too, I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses!"we secretly want to stab you in the eyes and teach you what blindness actually is. Just saying. ��
12~ Please don't ask us to take off our sunglasses. They're kind of comforting to us. Also, our eyes are sensitive to the light. I know what you're thinking: How can your eyes be sensitive to light if you're blind? Trust me it's possible! We aren't up to anything shady, except for shading our eyes from the light. Oh, they make you feel uncomfortable? Well suck it up buttercup... guess how we feel. ��

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Archive Link to The 80's Flashback & Creative Collage shows from this weekend.

Good evening.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Here is the archive link to download both The Creative Collage which I filled in for Saturday and The 80's Flashback from Sunday Morning.

Enjoy the shows.

Link here

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Note About Show Time Changes for Saturday August 15th and A Not About A Couple Fill In Shifts Coming UP

Posted by Zman.  Just a note that there will be no Morning Rush show Saturday Morning as I was supposed to work an extra shift to make up for being off work on Wednesday but those plans fell through.  However, I will be filling in for Kelly on The Creative Collage from 10AM-1PM EDT on Sky 106 Radio I'll be keeping to her format of rock, pop, country, and Comedy so hope you can join me for some great music later this morning at 10 EDT.  The Morning Rush will return next Saturday at its usual time.  Also Candidradio Live and the 80's Flashback will air at their regular times on their respective stations.

A couple more notes for you.  For the next two Monday nights I'll be filling in for Just Jo on Just Jo's Jukebox from 7PM-10PM EDT on Thunderstruck2014 and on the next two Thursday nights on XTransmissionFM from 7PM-10PM EDT.   As usual archives of all shows will be posted after they air.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Archive Link for Just Jo's Jukebox for August 10, 2015 covered this week by Zman

Good morning,  Here is the archive link to last night's Just Jo's Jukebox with Zman and his friend Rich filling in for JO.



Link to download show here. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Morning Rush Archive For Saturday August 8, 2015

Here is the archive link for The Morning Rush for this morning.



Link to download the show 

Why Saying, "Just in Case" Is Not An Excuse For Sharing Those Sick Baby Hoaxes on Facebook.

Sick baby hoaxes are among the most disgusting hoaxes you can share on Facebook,  they are a horrible way for a page to generate likes and shares and they do not raise any money for the child.  In face many times the photos shared are not even of a sick child.  They are lifted off of people's personal photos  Many times when you point out to someone who shares one of these scams that it is indeed a scam, there is always that one friend who will say, "well just in case it is true I shared it."  Here is a good article whey "Just in case" is not a valid excuse for sharing this garbage.

aLink to story here. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Times and internet stations for our shows

Just wanted to let everyone know when and where you can hear our shows live.  Of course we will also post the archives

Candidradio Live airs Tuesdays's from 7PM-11PM EDT on sky106 & Thunderstruck 2014 with Zman & Littleflurry

The Morning Rush which plays rock music of various kinds from classic rock, hair bands, current rock, and some alternative  with a little bit of upbeat country airs Saturday Mornings from 6AM-10AM EDT on Sky 106 & Thunderstruck 2014 Hosted by Zman

The 80's Flashback on X Transmission FM  Playing everything 80's  pop, rock, alternative, new wave, dance, you name it, if it came out in the 80's, I'll play it.  Sunday's 10AM-1PM EDT hosted by Zman.  Archives of each show are posted on the archive site and are available for about one month.

Hope you can tune in.

Zman & Littleflurry

Archive Link for Candidradio Live for Tuesday August 4th, 2015

Here is the archive link to download Candidradio Live from Tuesday night.


Zman & Littleflurry

Show download link here

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Law Suite Alleges Student Was Quizzed About Religion, Forced to Eat Lunch By Himself.

If this is true this teacher should be fired and never allowed to work with children again. I wouldn't even let this teacher pick up my dog crap. Imagine the uproar by the far right if this student was a Christian and treated this way. ""During a discussion with classmates on the playground [a second grade student] responded to a question by indicating that he did not go to church because he did not believe in God. This resulted in his teacher interrogating the child as to his beliefs and requiring the child to sit by himself during lunch and not talk to his classmates during lunch for three days."
The ACLU of Indiana has filed suit.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Archive Link for The 80's Flashback

Here is the archive link for The 80's Flashback from this morning.



Saturday, August 01, 2015

The 80's Flashback hosted by Zman Debuts tomorrow. (Sunday August 2nd)

Posted by Zman

Don't forget tomorrow morning at 10 EDT it is the debut of The 80's Flashback on I'll be playing all your favorites from the 80's plus those rarities that over the air radio just does not play anymore. Icluding many songs from 1980-1982 songs that most 80's shows don't play for whatever reason. Hope you can join me for three hours of great 80's songs and fun conversations this and every Sunday at 10AM EDT. Your 80's requests are welcome and you can chat with me live in the chat room which you can find on the website.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

This weeks Candidradio and Morning Rush archive links

Hello,  Here is the archive link for this weeks Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush shows.



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Archive Link for Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush Shows for this week

The moment you've been waiting for, or dreading, here is the archive link to this weeks Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush radio shows.


Zman & Littleflurry

link thingy is right here. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Archive Link for this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush Shows

Hello, Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Here is the archive link for this weeks Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush Shows


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Archive Link for this weeks Candidradio Live & Morning Rush shows

If you missed them live, here are the archive links to this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush shows.


Zman & Littleflurry

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Archive Links for the Latest Candidradio and Morning Rush Shows Plus Fill In Shows and Other Candidradio Social Media Links.

Hey folks.  Just a note that the latest archives for Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush plus any fill ins we do for other DJ's can be found at the following link.  Also for more updates and articles of interest check out and join our Facebok group.  That group gets updated daily so check there for daily updates on things you might find interesting.

here is the archive link for the shows. 

Here is the link to our Candidradio Facebook group.  It is a public group so anyone can see it.

Also you can find us on Twitter This is also public.  

Go Fund Me Account to Support jenn's shoulder surgery and therapy Bills Are Piling Up and She Could Use Your Help

Click here to help with Jenn's expenses from surgery and therapy.   Bills are piling up and not enough left over for basics like food, and power bill,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Archive links for Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush shows can be found here

click here to get the archives each week for Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush.  The archives are uploaded every Wednesday and Sunday.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Archive for this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush shows

Here is the archive link for this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush shows.  There are actually thirteen shows in this link

Here is the link.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Check out our Candidradio Live Facebook Page

Join us on Facebook.  We update the Facebook page regularly with articles you may find interesting and other fun stuff.  You can find Candidradio Live on Facebook Here 

Introducing The Morning Rush with Zman on sky106 Radio

Hi everyone, it is Zman.  Just waned to let you know about the new show I'm hosting everySaturdasy Morning from 6AM-10AM Eastern Time.  It is called The Morning Rush.  On this show I play upbeat country music and hard rock so if you like your country without the sappy whiny songs and your rock music hard and fast, you'll want to join me every Saturday morning on and of course join Littleflurry and I every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern for our regular Candidradio Live show.

Archive Link to this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush Programs

Hello,  Here is the link for this weeks Candidradio Live and Morning Rush programs.  The link also includes the archives for several other Candidradio Shows and fill ins.  Enjoy.

Here is the link 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Archive and Show notes for Candidradio Live and The Morning Rush

Here is the archive for last weeks Candidradio Live and The new show hosted by Zman every Saturday morning from 6 AM To 10 AM EDT on  The archive is at the following link plus the archives for the previous six candidradio shows and fill ins

here is the link 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Archive link to Bits and Pieces from Wednesday & Candidradio Live from Tuesday

yesterday Zman filled in for Halley Elizabeth on Bits and pieces again and on Tuesday Just Jo filled in for us on Candidradio Live.  The following link contains the archives of both shows plus the archive for the All Night 80's Party and a few other Candidradio shows and fill in shows that Zmanhas done over the last couple weeks.  Hope you enjoy the shows.

Here's the link to download them. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Here is the archive link to the last couple Candidradio Live Shows Plus a couple fill in shows, and last nights All Night 80's Party

With our main candidradio dot com address being moved to another web hosting service I have not posted the last couple show archives so here they are.  This link includes several archives including two Candidradio Live shows, Also a fill in show I did for Bits and Pieces and Just Jo's Jukebox.  It also includes the archive for last nights All Night 80's Party.

Here is the link to the archives. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Join me in a few minutes at Midnight Eastern for an all night 80's show

Join Zman in just a few minutes for an all night 80's Party on  I'll be on until 10AM EDT playing great music from the 80's

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here is the archive link for Bits and Pieces from Wednesday August 13th, 2014 guest hosted by Zman

On Wednesday I filled in for Halley Elizabeth on Bits and Pieces on from 1PM-4PM EDT A little different kind of music on this show as it features classic country music from the 70's though the 90's  along with some 70's &  80's pop  so if yo're a fan of that kind of music I think you'll enjoy this show and you should tune in to Halley when she is back for her show next week.

Here is the link to download Bits and Pieces.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Archive and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday August 12, 2014 (Robins Williams Tribute)

On this show we talked a lot about Robin Williams Life, and depression issues,  Also played several Robin Williams comedy routines,  A couple other celebrity deaths from Tuesday as well.  Your Ten most annoying Facebook friends, How littleflurry's physical therapy is going, and much more.

The show archive is in two files.

File Number One

File Number Two

Friday, August 08, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes For the Rock Shop from Thursday August 7th, 2014 guest hosted by Zman

On Thursday Zman guest hosted The Rock Shop playing some great rock and roll including classic rock and hair bands. Also talked about things you never thought you'd want to know about Ebola, Items you should not putin the washing machine, What you don't want to find in your coffee cup,  back yard dishes, and more.   If you missed the show.

Here is the link to download and listen.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Zman will be filling in on the Rock Shop this afternoon

Hey guys, just a not to let you know Zman will be filling in on the rock shop at 1 PM EDT today on .  If you miss the show the archive will be posted later today.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday August 5th, 2014

On this show we featured music from 2000 though today,  Also Zman did the show solo.  Subjects covered included: People who overdose on their stupidity pills, family reunion fun, what Zman has or has not accomplished on his vacation, Mockinjay part 1 Soundtrack news,  Littleflurry is finally reading and enjoying the Hunger Games books, and much more.

Here is the link to download and listen 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Archive and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday July 29th, 2014

On the show we played all 80's music this week.  Plus talked about Zman's early birthday celebration, We've been togetehr for a long time,  Underwear, We sniff out the answer to the question of why dogs sniff each others butts,  Littleflurry is finally reading The Hunger Games series,  We just decide to be silly for a few breaks, bigger bras, An update on Littleflurry's shoulder,  and much more.

Here's the link to download the show. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

On this show we talked about Littleflurry's medical emergency,  How you never get any rest in a hospital,  Zman's weird observation of the week,  Another prisoner with too much time on their hands, criminals who get themselves caught, tech talk, 10 Ways Americans Waste Money, and more.

(Note the show is in two files)

File Number One

File Number Two

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pat Robertson tells mother: Your son’s stomach pains are caused by a witch ancestor (article and comment)

I hope this child received the medical attention he needed.  I'm just amazed that in 2014 people still believe illnesses are caused by demons and witches.  If this child dies Pat Robertson should be held responsible.  I'm hoping someone convinced this mother to ignore Pat Robertson's ignorance and get her son proper medical care.

full story here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

10 Things Americans Waste Money On (article and comment)

I'm sure most of us are guilty of many of these.  I know we have been in the past and we have managed to cut out must of them.

Article Here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Archive Link for The Sweet Spot Guest Hosted by Zman

On Friday evening I guest hosted The Sweet Spot on  The archive for the show is posted below for you to download and enjoy.

Here's the archive link to the sweet spot

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday July 8th, 2014

On this show we talked about Zman's fear of toads, 9 lies you were told as a child that you probably still believe, The Burger King Rainbow Bag incident, The Worlds Biggest Water Slide, Tech Talk, and much more.

Here is the link to download the show.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Archive link and show notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday July 1st, 2014

On this show we featured a set of inappropriate relationship songs plus music sets from the 80's, 90's, and some current music. We also talked about The Hobby Lobby decision and how it could open the flood gates, Respect and should it be earned, a little music trivia, pet loss prevention tips for the Forth of July, and much more.

Here is the link to download the show

(note the last two songs after my sign off were cut off at the end of the show)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Archive Link and Show Notes for Candidradio Live The George Carlin Tribute Show from Tuesday June 24th, 2014

On this show we payed tribute to George Carlin who died six years ago this past Sunday the 22nd by playing many of his best bits.  We also played some great 80's music.  We talked about the guy who got stuk in a vagina,  An update on the KFC controversy, the usual tech talk segment, George Lucas Museum, and much more.

Here's the link to the first file

Here's the link to the second file.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Archive link and show notes to Candidradio Live for Tuesday June 17, 2014

On the show we remembered Cassey Kasem, Some Apple Rumors, The KFC incident, and more. Plus played some great music.  The show is in two files as our Winamp player decided it wanted to freeze up once.

File Number One

File Number Two

Monday, June 16, 2014

Family says girl scarred by pit bull attack asked to leave restaurant article and comment

I'd like to know what about this girl;s eye patch is so disturbing.  I'd also like to know who the heartless jack ass was that complained and why store employees did not tell him or her to stick a sock in it.  I can't even imagine thinking this is an appropriate response.  KFC owes this girl and her family one heck of an apology.

Here's the article.