Sunday, June 26, 2016

Marriage Equality Was Legalized One Year Today In The U S, So Where Are The Disasters That Were Predicted

Posted by Zman

One year ago today the U S celebrated a great day as the U S Supreme Court ruled five to four in favor of marriage equality.  It should have been a 9 to 0 vote but at least it was made legal.  If you recall the far right was prediction how god was going to send his wrath against the U S if gays were allowed to marry.  Some goof balls were even predicting that this would lead to people marrying their dogs.  Yes, silly as it sounds, there are people who actually think that.  Also some were saying how it would taint the institution of marriage.  The list of dumb predictions goes on and on.  So, it has been a year.  Where is gods wrath?  Where are these preachers who said they would set themselves on fire to protest same sex marriage, how about all the civil unrest that these preachers said they were planning in the wake of he supreme court ruling.   I have not seen or heard anything from these nuts or their god.  If god exists I would think he has more important things to worry about then who gets married to whom.   With all the problems going on around the world think a supreme being would have better things to do than send storms and other disasters after people just because of their sexual orientation.   Seems that god if he does exist is not really that concerned about it.   So right wing nuts, when is all this bad stuff supposed to start happening?

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