Thursday, May 29, 2014

Help Sky106 Radio Raise Money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

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The internet radio station littleflurry and I do our weekly show on, is raising money to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.    You can buy a Sky106 Radio T-shirt and help a good cause.  more details and to order your T-Shirt here.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Archive Link for Candidradio Live for Tuesday May 27th 2014 The All Summer Song Show

Just a note, the show is in two files and the first one the title is wrong but it is the right show.  I forgot to change the show title in the encoder we use to broadcast before we went on the air so the fist file the show title shows up as the title of the show I filled in for on Friday but it is the right show.

Here's file number one.

Here's file number two

Monday, May 26, 2014

Please Stop Sharing This Memorial Day Shaming Meme.

Good article on why these "It is not National BBQ Day Memes need to stop.

Link to article here

On This Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day whatever you're doing, partying or getting together with family and friends, attending a sporting event, just enjoying a relaxing day at home, or even if you have to work today.  Take a few minutes to remember the reason for this holiday and remember those who gave their lives while serving our country.

Happy Memorial Day from Candidradio Live

Friday, May 23, 2014

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tonight's Candidradio Live will be on around 10PM EDT instead of 7PM EDT

Hi guys, Just wanted to post a note that tonight's Candidradio Live will be on the air a little later than usual around 10PM EDT instead of the usual time of 7PM EDT as we have a wake to attend.  Zman's Great Aunt passed away on Sunday and the wake is this evening  but we still want to do a show so we'll be on a little late.  So grab an extra cup of coffee and stay join us for a late addition of Candidradio Live on and of course if you can't join us live. the archive will be posted after the show.

'Relentless' Boycott Planned Against The Rams as they Drafted Michael Sam

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This is how twisted this is.  If a player commits murder, sells drugs, beats his spouse or abuses animals that's OK.  But if he's in a loving relationship with another man OMG how horrible, he should not be in the NFL.  Like most boycotts, this one will just go away.   I think I'll be rooting for the St. Louis Rams this year and I hope Micheal Sam plays so well he wins an award at the end of the season.  

Friday, May 09, 2014

Another Case of Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It. Florida town’s choice: Violate Supreme Court ruling or open meeting with Satanic prayer

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I was hoping this would happen. This town fought to be able to have prayer before town meetings,  Well they got what they wished for.  Now they have to allow prayer from any religion or face violating the Supreme Court ruling they fought so hard to win.   This is great.

Full Story Here

Constitutional horror: Clarence Thomas argues states can establish official religion

It is scary that a Supreme Court Justice would think this way.  Not only does it violate the Establishment Clause, it violates freedom of Religion.  The article is linked below.  

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Another Case of Zero Tolerance Stupidity. La Salle Peru Township Highschool suspends girl for two days and bans her from Prom and Graduation for Having an Inhaler in her Purse

Well, one of our local High Schools proves once again how stupid zero tolerance policies are. This young lady was suspended for two days, not allowed to attend her Senior Prom or stand on stage at her graduation for the horrible crime of having a life saving device n her purse.  An inhaler was found in her purse while school employees searched for a cell phone that had been stolen from a woman's restroom.   I'll let the Grandmother of the teen involved give more details.  She wrote this letter to the editor appeared in the La Salle Newws Tribune  the other day.  

"To the dean of students and the board of education at La Salle-Peru High School:

My granddaughter, Haleigh Golgin, is a senior at this school. She was recently suspended for two days not allowed to attend any school function for 30 days — which included prom — and graduating on stage with her classmates.

The reason: a cellphone was stolen from a bathroom at the school, so every girl had her purse searched that used this bathroom. My granddaughter had an inhaler and few Motrin in her purse; she violated their policy of not giving the nurse these items. She had an order from her doctor that she could carry the inhaler but strange enough the nurse could not find it, and she simply forgot to take the six Motrin out of her purse.

So she violated the policy by having an unknown substance in her purse. They were clearly labeled.

When my granddaughter was 13 she died twice. She was a healthy teenager one day and the next day she was fighting for her life. She was put on life support, while we all watched her body shutting down — she was on a ventilator for more then three months and in a coma most of the time. She fought all odds to survive, I watched her every day, sat by her side prayed, made deals with the Lord for a miracle. She had surgeries that left scars that no child should have. She loved softball and was a great pitcher. We loved watching her play; now she cannot play due to her damaged lungs, hence the use of the inhaler.

Do you know what it’s like to not be able to breathe and why God invented inhalers? I watched her go from a shell of a girl who had to learn to walk, talk and use her hands again and what struggles she overcame. She is a miracle. She missed most of her eighth grade year at Parkside in Peru but was allowed to graduate on stage with her classmates, she made it across the stage with her mother’s help and had a standing ovation.

So you see policies CAN be changed. She fought to continue her schooling, had home teaching, summer school. She learned to eat again, not through her stomach from a tube but actually with a fork. She had perfect attendance at school did not even skip on senior skip day.

Policy or not, what you did was unforgivable — you would not even return my son’s phone calls. Prom and graduation were important to her.
Kathy Slover, 
Spring Valley

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Archive Link for Candidradio Live for Tuesday April 29, 2014

Sorry this is a couple days late but here's the link to download and listen to Candidradio Live from this past Tuesday night.  The show is in two files.

file number one.

File number two