Monday, November 23, 2009

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Join us here for candidradio show 279. We finally did another show.

On this show.

little flurry goes back in time,
A tribute to those who no longer podcast,
Looking for some new theme music,
little flurry's new job,
little flurry's inspiration for her diet,
the good part about being blind and broke,
recap of some of the events in our lives over the last year,
Some new wines at the winery,
and more

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am happy about finding a job. But I feel like we r the kids who keep flunking senior year.
Everyone around us is progressing and growing and making way more than we are & we are back to just above minimum wage, again. My sister & her husband have a huge business, Our friends are making excellent money, they are doing really good & it's great. But here we are, feeling like teenagers barely making 18k year. It's so stressful! I feel like we'll never get to travel or see anything besides La Salle IL. It's depressing. It makes me feel like we can't do anything right.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

sick 100 degree temp and jilted

Have you every asked a (close friend) friend to do something for you because you were sick? I did. And now I wish I had not. But if they were sick and needed my help, I'd be there to do anything to help. It would never be an issue. Now it will never be an issue because I won't ask for help again. Sometimes being the only person in the house that can drive is difficult as all the pressure is on me. There are cabs and I'll fork over the 8.00 it costs for a one way ride if I am sick with a temperature and it's not healthy to be outside. So now because I was awake 38 mins after they left, I've been made to feel like crap for asking. What kind of friend does that?????