Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pat Robertson, Do Christianity a favor and Please get off the Air

Posted by Zman

Recently on the 700 Club TV nut job preacher Pat Robertson commented about how gays used to be stoned to death and how Satan is responsible for the gay rights movement.  (Video and article below) It is people like this guy that give Christians a bad name. Now as most of you know I'm an atheist  but I know not all Christians or religious people think like this nut job. I know many people of many different faiths who are not at all like this.  They are open minded, caring people who treat others with respect and are all for marriage equality.  The problem is I know many who do think that all religious people are this closed minded. Pat, you're not doing anything to help your cause when you continually say nutty and outrageous things like this. Do your religion a favor and get off the air. You're actually making this Satan you talk about seem like the better person and god seem like the closed minded judgmental being that I'd want nothing to do with. . I mean if he is so bad then why would he be for tolerance and treating others equally. You're making this Jesus guy seem like the bad person. Does not sound like the message you should be sending. You're not making this god of yours seem all that appealing. So again. do your religion a favor and get off the air.   You are a very ignorant man who hides behind your religion to spread bigotry and hate.  

Article here 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Archive Link and show notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday March 25, 2014

We gave our thoughts on "Divergent" Also talked about School zero tolerance policies gone haywire recently, the usual tech talk segment, What you go to school for you may not wind up doing or using in some other way than you had planned, and a whole lot more and of course played great music from the 80's though today.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did You Know Most Hotels and Motels in the U S do not allow Direct Access to 911?

I heard this on the news this morning and I was not aware of this.  It just escapes me as to why they would even set up these systems this way.  Sadly it took a woman's death to bring this to light and to get something done about it.  My niece is on a band trip out of state and I hope the people over seeing the trip are aware of how the hotel they are staying at handles 911 calls.

From the article.

"DALLAS — Tens of thousands of hotels don't allow guests to directly reach emergency services when they dial 911, according to a national survey taken after a 9-year-old girl couldn't call for help while her mother was being stabbed to death in a Texas motel.
The killing of Kari Hunt Dunn in an East Texas hotel room spurred a petition that has garnered more than 440,000 signatures demanding hotels and motels be required to enable the direct dialing of 911. Many hotels require callers to dial "9'' before 911 or have some other system, such as calling first to the front desk, which advocates say can lead to panic and confusion in an emergency."

Monday, March 24, 2014

Besides The Hunger Games and Divergent, These Five Dystopias Should Also Get Film Adaptations.

Posted by Zman

As promised on the show the last two weeks, here's a blog post.  Now most of us know unless you've been living in a cave somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains and even then you may know that Dystopian Societies are the big thing right now in young adult lit. Although both the Hunger Games and Divergent have much wider appeal to many different age groups from young adults to grandparents.  I have grandmothers I work with who are hooked on both series.  And if you listen to our radio show or know me in person you know I'm hooked on both series.  The success of The Hunger Games and Divergent has led many more young adults and teens to read more and that is always a good thing.    For those who don't know what Dystopia is  the opposite of a utopia, a time and place in which humanity is in some capacity repressed, held back, and lacking liberty in some capacity.  And with both series being adapted to film and getting rave reviews it is getting more people turned on to the genera.  We just sw Divergent today infact and it was very well done.  We'll talk about it more on tomorrows Candidradio Live on at 7 PM EDT.  Anyway, the folowing article talks about five other Dystopian books that should be adapted to film and these are books I'll be adding to my reading list.  

Article here

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Archive and Show Notes for Candidradio Live for Tuesday March 11, 2014

On this show we played all twofers,  Double shots of many of your favorite artists.  Plus talked about "Divergent" which opens in theaters in just under two weeks and how we'll be going to se it. Also taked about which celebrities we'd love to have dinner with.   "Catching Fire now out on Blue Ray and Zman is very happy about that. Also talked some Mocking Jay,  The usual tech talk,  More  weather talk,  and much more.

The show is in three files as the server disconnected a couple times.

File Number One

Here's file Number Two

Here's File Number Three

Also a note that the last two songs of the show that I announced did not play as the server disconnected again. When  Littleflurry's phone tries to connect to the wifi it messes up the streaming. She turns it off before every show but it sometimes tries to connect on its own.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Here are the archive link and show notes for Candidradio Live from Tuesday March 4th, 2014

On this show we played  some new music plus music from 1980-82.  Also we talked about an update on a story we read last week, More zero tolerance gone mad,  More on the unusual winter we are having, Fun ways to annoy a teenager, and much more.

Here is the link to download and listen.