Sunday, January 22, 2017

Conservatives Need To Learn That Freedom To Express Dislike For A President Does Not Just Apply To Them

OK, for eight years we had to listen to conservatives complain about how they didn't like Obama. I'm now seeing some of these same conservatives getting all butt hurt because we are expressing our dislike for Trump. OK conservatives, here's how this thing works. It is really quite simple to understand. Just like you, we can express our viewpoints about a President we don't like either. See how simple that is to understand? If you complain about someone doing the exact same thing you were doing for eight years, I have a word for you, t is "hypocrite" Getting butt hurt over someone else doing the same thing you are doing is called being a hypocrite. This freedom of expression thing works both ways, We now get to express our dislike for the President just like you did for the last eight years. Telling someone else not to express their dislike for a President because you don't want to hear it does not sound very American to me. Making disrespectful comments about the marchers yesterday does not make you sound intelligent, it makes you sound like a seven year old who needs a nap.

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