Monday, August 27, 2007

222candidradio noise with a purpose, CALL 1206666baad OR EMAIL

Join us here for candidradio show 222. ZMAN is joined by toonhead again. On this show,
zman explains that littleflurry was not able to do her photo trip like she had planned. Her sister and the kids came up but she will do a photo trip podcast soon.
zman and littleflurry are planning a tenth anniversary trip to Alaska next year,
toonheads mom says there are not enough flash cards in existence to hold all the pics littleflurry will take,
zman is the only person he knows who has never flown in a jet,
toonhead shares some of his flying experiences while traveling to see his girlfriend,
toonhead's girlfriend comes to see him and they do stuff,
we talk a little Harry Potter,
Toonhead goes to the special school,
relatives who only dwell on the negative,
littleflurry drives fast,

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Candidradio Severe Storm Video Coverage, Call 1-206-666-baad

Storm Videos
Number 1

Taken by Littleflurry aka Jenn Zimmerman. She has a tiny gallery here.

Storm III


Storm PHOTOS here!

221candidradio better late than never call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 221 ZMAN flies solo again this week. On this weeks show,
A little flurry funny phoner,
Bad bowling with friends,
Some podcasts you should check out,
Nine Inch Nails or Marylin Manson Who do you prefer,
Is Marylin Manson just shock value of does he actually have talent,
I let you know who I like better,
I answer a listener question from a couple shows ago,
People who don't keep an eye on their pets at the vets,
Why do dogs eat that?
Talk about a baseball blow out, 30 to 3, Isn't that more of a football score,
Some advice if you're heading off to collage for after graduation,
Holding the Apron Strings to tightly can make you look like an idiot,
Things that annoy me but shouldn't
Masters of the obvious,
See some bad bowling video on our my space page,
A video of the lighting from Wednesday August 22nd will be posted later today or tomorrow taken outside the radio station where zman works
Jenn is planning a photo trip this Saturday and will do a podcast while she travels.

podcasts mentioned on the show.

The Frank Wit Show


Stories mentioned on this show.

Texas slams Baltimore 30to 3 to set American League scoring record

Number of Hot Car Deaths among children on the rise

websites mentioned
See some bad bowling videos on our myspace page

Jenn's photo gallery

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New candidradio show coming today

Will be posted by three pm central US time. Sorry for the delay, Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Next Show on the way shortly

Sorry for the delay in getting a show out this week. We tried to record Sunday evening but the batteries in our recorder went dead over half way though. We haven't had a chance to record sense then because I've had to work some strange hours with the NASCAR race getting pushed back two days. One of the stations I work for is a NASCAR affiliate. We'll get a show up probably Wednesday or Thursday this week.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

220candidradio lunar golfing and other stuff call 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 220. On this show,
We visit one of Jenn's friends who works at a local bar,
We talk about our trip to play Lunar Golf,
We read the license number of a person behind us who does some illegal driving,
Should we be dumping more waste in to lake Michigan,
dogs pooping in the house,

sites mentioned on the show.
Lunar Golf pictures

Lunar Golf
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Monday, August 06, 2007

219candidradio zman flies solo again call 1 206 666 BAAD email

Join us here for candidradio show 219 as zman does another solo show. It's a short one today. On this show,
The digital conversion,
Why do people complain about the heat in August when we know it is going to be hot,
Why is interracial marriage news,
Other archaic beliefs,
Have to do the honey do list. PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR SHOW/PODCAST!

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