Wednesday, May 31, 2006

145candidradio-buried people and stuff, THANK YOU NICK, call 1-206-666-BAAD

Want a bread burner?
145candidradio SHOW - Nick is GOD
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I (LF) sound like an idiot but 145 is worth the listen, please don't judge me. Nick from the Nick and Jayne show has done this beautiful recreation of our website. Drew in drag???
Damn Hiccups!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

144Candidradio-porn game trivia(answers!)sorry they are late, drink of the day,cheep gas and more! Click here to listen in. call 1-206-666-BAAD

Don't mess with a lady with a gun
144candidradio porn game trivia(answers!)sorry they are late, drink of the day,cheep gas and more! Click here to listen in.
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Wild Squirrel Sex drink recipe
Scale ingredients to servings
1 shot Stoli® Limonnaya vodka
1 shot Stoli® Strasberi vodka
1 shot Stoli® Ohranj vodka
1 shot Stoli® Razberi vodka
1 shot amaretto almond liqueur
fill with 1/2 sweet and sour mix
fill with 1/2 cranberry juice
top with grenadine syrup
Image of directions
Fill a 16 oz. cup with ice. Add shots and almost-fill with equal parts of sour mix and cranberry juice. Top with a splash of grenadine, and serve.
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Intro by Nick and Jayne! Love it, thank you! WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK....come visit our forum.

Friday, May 26, 2006

143candidradio - click this link to listen, pests keeping us up, call 1-206-666-BAAD

How many podcasters out there do a show about orgasms and squirrels in the same night?
143candidradio show (click this link to listen) - Tell us how you would fix this problem?
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T-shirt Hell

Monday, May 15, 2006

Flickr Photos of Candidradio including Dawn & Drew

HUGE gallery HERE

CandidradioDotCom's photosMore of CandidradioDotCom's photos

Sunday, May 14, 2006

140candidradio-porn, alligators, stress, extinction, stupid law and more! Call 1-206-666-BAAD

140th Candidradio show click this link to listen, way more than how many listeners we have...LOL. Phone comments, extinct creatures, porn trivia, alligators and 3 women.....we are in their habitat, if you are in the jungle and get attacked by a lion, do you hunt down the lion......NO!

Listen in for the NEW Porn Trivia!

We are the supreme beings with more brain power than an animal, we should be smart enough to stay out of their areas that they have lived in for 200 years. why are we discussing this? We invade their habitat and wonder why we are attacked? DUH!

How is this for IDIOT:“I don’t think there should be any alligators in the city of Sanibel,” he said. “Letting alligators live in Sanibel is like letting lions and tigers walk down Michigan Avenue in Chicago.”

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Friday, May 12, 2006

138candidradio - shopping cart racing, kiwi look like??? grocery store podcast, call 1-206-666-BAAD

138candidradio -Listen in to our SHOW!(click this link to listen) Intro by Nick and Jayne, run over little old ladies, free gifts at the store, shopping cart racing, Sexual kiwi? kiwi look like??? grocery store podcast, surprise guest, call 1-206-666-BAAD or email candidradio at sbc global dot net
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137candidradio-sex chat lines, dish rants, drink of the day, mom myths, mushroom clouds, da bomb, call 1-206-666-BAAD and more....

137th candidradio show - morning glory seedy story, myths, pissed off former TV people and more.... please vote on podcastalley! It means a shitload!

Drink of the day!
1/2 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
1/2 oz Hennessy® cognac
4 oz Red Bull® energy drink
Pour the Red Bull into a highball glass. Mix the jagermeister and Hennessy in a shot glass. Drop the shot into the Red Bull and chug.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

For Adam Curry - The podfather

Damn cooledit is having PMS today.....this baby works! You have to hear the bidet cast.....hilarious!!!!!
I need to do a bidet gallery......come see my photo gallery.....I have a tiny itsy bitsy photography addiction....
"If it is innappropriate, we'll say it"
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

In my depressed state of looking for a new job....

Our motto: "If it is innappropriate, we'll say it"

There isn't a decent job to pay the bills out there in north central IL. The choices are truck driver or nurse. I bet when you read this you are thinking....duh Jenn! I love photography, radio, and my puppy. We all should be as lucky as Zman to have a job he loves to do everyday.......take out the trash.....HA HA.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


A 7.8 earthquake has struck the Pacific, details here:

More earthquakes have occured in this area since then.

I am wondering if when it(earth) pulls like this on one side of the world, will this effect the other side?

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135candidradio - Our 2nd Life adventures as a tranny, the last of the 50 worst songs and our scary opinions, Call 1-206-666-BAAD or Email

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