Friday, July 01, 2016

Status Updates People Need To Stop Sharing On Facebook.

Posted by Zman

We have all seen them and we have at least one friend who shares them.  I'm talking about status updates on Facebook that just make you cringe and wonder what the person was thinking when they shared that status.  Here are just a few things that people need to stop sharing on Facebook.

1.  Guilt Trip Posts.  Any post that says, "since no one reads my posts" or "most of my friends won't share this" or "let's see who really cares about me." etc is a guilt trip post and is a good way to get your post ignored.  The reason most of your friends won't share that post is because they don't care to be guilt tripped.  Most people I know myself included just skip right over those kinds of posts.  so if you're wondering why your friends are not reading your posts it is because you are trying to guilt trip them.

2.  The old Facebook is going to charge a fee unless you post this status update.  This one has been around so long I am surprised anyone still falls for it but at least once a year some ding dong on my friends list shares this one and yes they get made fun of for falling for it.  Hee is the scoop.  Facebook has not plans and never has had plans to charge a fee for their service.  and even if they did do you really think posting a status update to your wall is going to keep them from doing it?  This hoax dates back to the days of Myspace so why people are still falling for it just makes me shake my head.

3.  Memes that tell you to pray for people after a tragedy.  Instead of folding yyour hands and talking to your imaginary friend here is an idea.  Do something to help those affected by whatever happened.  donate blood, send food, clothing, etc.  You know, actually do something.

4.  click like or type Amen posts.  Those are just like farming scams the only ones saying Amen are the scammers who put up the page to gather likes and shares so they can sell the page and send you junk posts

5.  Memes that say if you click like or share something good will happen.  I wonder if people realize that something good would happen weather they share or like the post,   Those tend to also be like farming scams as well so they should also be avoided.

6.  Status updates complaining about people sending game requests.  I know those can be annoying but the person does not send those out.  The games themselves do.  Your friend who plays the game more than likely has no idea the game sent you a request.  You have to go in and block the game.

7.  pictures of what you are eating.  Remember back before social media when we took a picture of our food and went door to door to show each of our friends and family the picture of what we ate for dinner last night?  NO, Me neither because it did not happen so let's not do it on Facebook.  Now I'm all for sharing directions on how to cook something and even a picture to go along with it but I really don't need to see a picture of what you are eating.

8.  Pictures of you child on the toilet.  Now I am all for updates on my friends kids mile stones and many times a picture is nice.  but please, no one wants to see a picture of little Betty on the toilet.  I don't know in what alternate universe that parent lives in who thinks people want to see that but they don't.

9.  Posts that shame people for what they should or should not be wearing at a certain age.  How about we stop judging people.  If someone is comfortable wearing something then that is their business.  If you don't  like the fact that kids wear baggy pants then don't look at them.  No need to shame people based on what they wear.  Also while I'm on the subject.  your kids don't care if you think their music sucks.  They have their music just like we had ours.  They are allowed to like their music without our input.  When you complain about someone's music you sound like an old fart.  Knock it off.

10.  Vaguebooking.  If you have something to say just say it.  People don't have time to play twenty questions. If you can't tell the whole story then don't say anything abut it.  No need for the vague posts.  

I'm sure there are more but those are the big ones that annoy most people.

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