Wednesday, September 16, 2015

17 biblical rules for marriage the Kim Davis set chooses to ignore

Despite what Kim Davis and her ilk will tell you marriage has been defined many ways in the bible  and has many rules they seem to have forgotten.  Here are 17 different rules regarding biblical marriage.  I would love to hear someone point this stuff out to thesse nuts.  I'm sure that would be very entertaining.

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The Death Star Architect Speaks Out

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Christian Persecution in the U S is A Myth (Video)

Many Christians in the U S will claim they are being persecuted for their beliefs.  This is simply a myth.   What they are really upset about is that they are not allowed to use their religion to spread their hate.  These people clearly have no idea what actual persecution is.  The article and videos below explain why the whole idea of Christians being persecuted in the U S is completely insane.

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Kim Davis Supporters Getting More and More Desperate As They Realize They Are Losing.

If you serve in a public capacity and your job is to issue marriage licenses you do not get to opt out because of your religious beliefs.   As has been noted, Kim Davis has been married four times and has committed adultery.  Yet wants to claim she won't issue marriage licenses because of her "deeply held religious beliefs and what the bible says about homosexuality"  Now if people like Kim Davis would actually read the bible they would also realize that divorce and adultery are also against biblical law.  Not to mention that she also wears mixed fabrics which is also banned.  I wonder if these same nuts who support Kim Davis would also support a county clerk who did not want to issue a gun permit due to their religious beliefs,  I'm guessing they would all be up in arms ovver that one pardon the pun.  You cannot use your religion as an excuse to push your bigotry especially if your job is serving the public.  If you think your beliefs prevent you from doing your job then you should not be doing that job.

Her supporters know they are losing as public opinion has change d in favor of marriage equality and they don't realize how absurd they sound.  

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Not All Heroes Are People - Daisy The Dog Hoax

Now there are a few obvious clues that this is false.  First, the idea that one dog would run alone back in to a building to rescue almost 1,000 people is a little silly, second, The World Trade Center only had 110 floors not 112.  The person who made this story up was not very good at checking their acts.  Also a guide dog is not going to leave its owners side.  Once a dog and his or her owner is out of a burning building the dog is not going to run back in without his master.  Third,  there is no evidence that a dog named Daisy was one of the service dogs that actually did help rescue people from the WTC.  Also, if this really did happen there would have been all over the news and no credible news service has any such story.  Now there were indeed service dogs that did rescue people from the WTC and they did get plenty of media attention.  So there is no need to keep sharing this story as it never happened.

This article has more on the hoax. 

Hackers Steel Account Information From 225,000 I Phone Users Who's Phones Have Been Jail Broken

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Google Will Soon Start Punishing Mobile Sites That Use Annoying App Install Ads

Those ads that take up the whole screen on your mobile device could be a thing of the past if more search engines follow suite.

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