Saturday, June 27, 2009

272candidradio order in the court

Join us here for Candidradio show 272. We're on the road again. You'll have to excuse the sound of the car air conditioner we were not going to drive without it.

On this show.
Zman's day in court,
A message about GLBT from listener Roy about Obama and trying to find out if it is true,
screaming meanies,
Little flurries decorating Ideas,
How does a blind person answer a phone if it does not ring,
zman has a stitch loose,
and more
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

272candidradio will be posted late Friday night

Hey folks. I was hopeing to get the show posted today but with the news of Micheal Jackson passing away earlier today I did not have a chance to edit as I had to come in to the station a little early and prepare something for my radio show. Sorry abou the delay but I will get it edited and posted tomorrow (Friday) night early Saturday morning. In the meantime if you have any thoughts or memories of Micheal Jackson call the comment line at 1 206 203 FUNO and I'll include them on this show as I'll be editing tomorrow night so get those Micheal Jackson memories in to the comment line.

Thanks for listening to CandidRadioDotCom