Saturday, March 31, 2012

Praying for People after a Disaster, Slacktivism?

Posted by Zman

     A couple weeks ago I mentioned how people thank God when someone survives a natural disaster and said how I thought it did not make much sense.  Along the same lines I also wonder when I hear people say they are " praying for the victims" if that is a case of slacktivism.  Slacktivism is the act of thinking you are doing something when you are actually not doing anything.  Like signing online petitions, thinking you're going to save some sick childs life by liking a Facebook post, etc.  all forms of Slacktivism and praying for those who survive a disaster is no different.    By sitting around praying for those who have survived a disaster or their families you really are not doing anything to help them.  If you really want to help, send some money,  volunteer to help in some way,  donate some food, donate some blood or other supplies they will need to rebuild.  If you're just sitting around prying for them you're really not doing anything to help.  In this case, prayer is a form of slacktivism.   So instead of just sitting around praying, get up and actually help in some useful way.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't forget about your child free friends when you have kids.

Posted by Zman

One thing about being child free that manhy of our child free friends notice is that when a friend has a child they tend to forget about us.  They get so wrapped up in their kids lives that they forget they have friends without kids.  We have a couple friends we have not seen or heard from except on Facebook sense their first child was born and now they have two of them.  Do you think they ever call or want us to do anything, Nope.  We belong to a child free group on Facebook and this is a common theme.  People have kids and forget or abandon their friends who have chosen not to have kids.    We are not sure what causes this to happen.  Seems these "friends" gravitate to those friends tho have kids and ignore those friends who don't.    Maybe it is time you gave that child free friend a call and did something with them.   Leave the kid with the baby sitter and get out and have some fun with a friend who has not seen you sense you became a parent.  Someday your kids will grwo up and move out and you may need those child free friends someday so don't let those friendships laps.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something I hear after every disaster that I just find odd.

Posted by Zman

Have you ever noticed that after every natural disaster when someone miraculously survives you'll hear someone say, "Well, god must have been looking out for him or her."  After the devastating tornadoes that hit the Midwest just over a week ago we heard this statement made by several people who narrowly escaped death.

I find the reasoning behind this statement very odd.  I mean, why was god not looking after those who died.  Why would a caring god decide only to save some people and let some die.  The whole idea that god would be looking after certain people and that is why they escaped death by seconds just seems to defy any logic what so ever.   Just does not seem like something a "loving caring god would do.  If he were really looking out for people than there would have been no deaths.

You'll also hear this said after someone survives a horrific accident.  Let's say you have a crash were four people were killed and one person somehow walks away unhurt.  You'll h ear someone say, "well god must have been looking out for him or her."  Really, what did god have against the other four?   If he were really looking after them there would not have been a crash in the first place.

To me it is just the brains way of trying to put some order to things that have none.   Things just happen and and people get lucky there is no explanation for why this happens.  

A person is free to believe what they want and if it helps people cope with what ever life throws at you that's your choice to believe it,  but to me the idea of a god choosing to have some people survive a disaster while others parish just does not make any sense. .  

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