Thursday, April 20, 2017

So Today Is Ask an Atheist Day, Here Is How To Respond To The Silly Questions Christians Ask

I don't know who the author of this piece is, I copied it from a friend on Facebook and these are some great responses when a Christian asks we Atheists dumb questions.

Apparently, it's Ask An Atheist Day.
I'll save you the bother.
Yes, I've considered that I could be wrong, but I'd have to see evidence to move me in that direction.
No, I'm not afraid of hell.
No, I'm not mad at any gods, because I don't believe any exist.
Yes, I have a moral compass.
Yes, I believe some moral values are absolute and that there is a sound basis for them without religion.
No, atheism isn't a religion.
Yes, I'm capable of love.
No, I don't need you to pray for me.
No, I don't want a pamphlet. 
No, I'm not an atheist because church members were mean or my church didn't serve coffee or because of churches actively provoking discrimination against me and people I love.
I'm an atheist because I don't believe there is any rational evidence for any of the named gods, and that there is rational evidence against some of them, including the one I was raised on.
No, you can't change my mind, unless you have evidence.
No, 'I feel it' isn't sufficient evidence.
If you've wondered anything these don't answer, hey, fire away.

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