Sunday, April 02, 2017

So ken Ham Thinks It Is Not OK For The New Power Rangers Movie to Teach Kids How To Accept Others. (Comments with Attached Article

So Ken Ham Does not like that the New Power Rangers Movie Teaches kids to accept others. I wonder if Ham realizes that he is doing more to promote Atheism than he realizes, I can't imagine anyone hearing this and saying, "yep that's the kind of god I want to believe in, a god who promotes hate." I actually feel sorry for people like Ham. How miserable and unhappy he and others like him must be. Not only should we teach kids to be inclusive, we need to teach them that Ham's way of thinking is harmful. With all these hateful people using religion as an excuse to spread hate, no wonder people are giving up on organized religion. Most people I know who still call themselves Christians don't bother with organized religion one reason is due to people like Ham. People don't want to hear some hateful blowhard at a pulpit telling them to hate everyone who is not like them. They want to hear how this god and Jesus guy relates to their lives today. Even if I believed in a god or some kind of higher power I would not waste my time with organized religion and one of the reasons is because of people like Ken Ham who use their religion to spread hate.

Here is an article with more on this subject.

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