Sunday, April 02, 2017

A Few Things I find Weird About Religion

Posted by Zman

Some things about religion I find a little strange.

First, the whole concept seems weird.  You have this man in the sky who according to mythology created everything, then decided for some unknown reason that it should create humans.  We don't know why god did this.  We are never told, just that god did it.  Seems silly but OK. so let's say god for reasons only known to it created humans. We are also told god is all knowing and knows everything humans will do before they do it.  yet he has the nerve to get mad when humans disobey him which being all knowing he knew would happen.  Seems silly to get upset over something you knew would happen.  We have a word for people who do that.  We call them not too bright.  On the subject of being all knowing, we are also told that humans have free will.  That would be impossible with a god who knows what you are going to do before you do it.  Now the best explanation I heard for this but it is still flawed and I'll explain why in a moment is if you have a child and ask them if they want a ham sandwich or peanut butter sandwich for lunch you pretty much know what they are going to chose so that is why we have free will.  The problem with that is that a child might choose the other one once in a while. An all knowing god would know this already,l a parent would not.  If god already knows that on January fourth of 2018 you kid is going to choose ham over peanut butter you cannot have free will if it is already predetermined because according to the bible, god can't be wrong.  Kind of puts a hole in the free will idea.

Now let's get back to this whole human's disobeying god thing.  We are told that god threw a hissy fit because Adam and Eve ate an apple.  Seems like a strange thing to condemn humans to hell for but OK so god did not want people to have the knowledge of right and wrong but put a tree in the garden of Edon to tempt them to eat of the fruit that would give them that information.  So he kicks them out of the Garden of Eden for again doing what he knew they would do due to him being all knowing.  So how is god going to forgive humanity?   Well instead of doing the smart thing and just saying, "Ok you made a mistake, no harm"  He concocts this weird idea to come down from heaven, impregnate a fourteen-year-old girl with himself to then die on a cross allowing humans to have a chance at eternal life.  Now if some guy came up to a fourteen-year-old girl and said, "Hi I'm an angel and you're going to conceive the son of god through the power of the holy spirit he would be locked up in the mental ward of the local hospital and not allowed around teenage girls ever again. Yet because it is in the bible no one seems to think this is strange.  Why god had to have such an elaborate plan no one really knows because you're apparently not supposed to question god.

Which brings me to my next point, the whole idea of not questioning god.  The reason for this is simple.  if you question religion you may find out how flawed it is and the inventors and preachers of religion don't want that so they threaten you with eternity in hell if you dare question this made up man in the sky.  Not questioning authority sounds more like the behavior of an abusive spouse of parent and not the behavior of a "loving caring god"  Yet many people are afraid to question this god because they have been threatened with hell so often they are afraid.  That's exactly what religion wants. They know that religion can't stand up to questioning so they use fear to keep their followers in line.

One more for you to ponder.  Those people who say, "everything happens for a reaThat  Taht is the biggest bunch of tripe I have ever heard.  If a thirteen-year-old girl being snatched out of her bedroom, taken to an abandoned barn and raped and burned alive is part of some god's plan and happens for a reason,  that is not the kind of god I would want anything to do with.  My example is a bit extreme but you get the idea. Things don't happen for a reason, they just happen. Whenever I hear someone say "everything happens for a reason" It makes me cringe   Speaking of which.  If god is all seeingg and all knowin then he should also know when bad things are going to happen so he should be able to stop teh attack mentioned above and not let it happen in the first place.  If god knows when bad tings are going to happen and does not inervine then he does not seem like a very loving caring god.

Now if you believe in a god that is your choice and I respect your right to believe what you want.  but to me the whole thing seems a little weird.

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