Thursday, April 27, 2017

Foul Mouthed Mom Refuses To Believe She Is Texting The Wrong Number And Becomes The Laughing Stock Of The Internet

I have a feeling this mother is looking for a very small hole to crawl in to. I feel bad for her daughter having to grow up with a completely clueless idiot like this for a mother.  But we do want to declare her the language stock of the internet.

From The Article

"Here at Someecards, we've seen lots of wrong number text conversations, but this one from Imgur user velakskin might be the most amazing yet. Most people quickly end the interaction once someone tells them they've misdialed, but this short-tempered mom wouldn't even hear it. She just kept haranguing this middle-aged man to bring home groceries on his way home from school.

Full article that includes the entire conversation 



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