Friday, June 02, 2017

So You Think Your God Will Take Care of Climate Change. Maybe He Has Been Trying To Help But You're Not Taking The Hints

So Michigan Rep. Tim Walberg thinks God will take care of climate change. As an Atheist I find this logic rather odd but If I believed this god existed, I picture this conversation taking place between God and Jesus about how he has been trying to help humans take care of climate change but some just are not taking the hint.
God, "Jesus Christ"
Jesus "yes dad."
God, "I swear many of these kids of mine expect me to do everything for them. I have tried to help them take care of climate change but these fools just don't seem to get it. I helped them discover alternative f sources like wind power. and solar power and a few others too yet these people who claim to follow and listen to me just don't seem to be getting the idea that I am trying to take care of climate change. Instead, the conservatives in the US are more concerned with who marries who and what a woman does with her body. Whether people are working on Sunday or if they wear mixed fabrics or eat shrimp. It seems the people who don't believe in me are better at being Christians and many of those who claim to believe in me. Just wait until some of these children of mine get back home. They are in some deep trouble. Using my name to discriminate against others based on a book that was written by man to control people. and misrepresenting me. Yep, they are really in for it when they get home."
Jesus, "Is it time for me to go down there and kick some ass."
God, No, not yet. Eventually, someone down there might take the hint that I've been trying to help take care of climate change for a while. There are some who are getting the message and trying but I'm not suer what kind of help they are expecting but I'm not going to do everything for them. some things your kids just have to figure out on their own."
My point is If you believe in God and are convinced he will take care of climate change and are wondering what he will do or when he will do it, Maybe he has been trying to help all along. You're just too blind to see it. My Grandmother used to say 'God helps those who help themselves" Advice some Mr. Walberg and the rest of the conservatives who believe the way he does might want to think about.
Of course, I don't believe in any higher power but if I did, I can imagine that this God would be thinking this very thing.

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